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What is up with the national driver registry? Has anyone had experience with this organization?

Asked by Blackberry (31738points) March 18th, 2015

I’m on their list because I sped too much, and I’m trying to fix my mistakes but they don’t answer the phone or email. I’m going to send a notarized letter to them, but there are also two separate addresses. I’m just going to take the chance of having my identity stolen and send two letters to both addresses.

I just don’t understand why they wouldn’t answer the phone or email if they are a legitimate business or branch of the government.

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According to this link it is a scam.
From the link above:

“NDR ” National Driver Registry” is a scam setup. Anyone who attempts to renew their license online will get an error msg stating “NDR has detected issues with your driver’s record” and therefore you cannot renew your license.

I called my local DMV after trying to renew my license on their site and getting this msg. My DMV instantly told me that there are no issues, my license is not suspended and instead of doing it online to come directly into the DMV. Now here’s the kicker, the NDR is supposedly an org that any place that wants to can put you into their records as being any sort of “problem” driver, usually any DMV anywhere can do this. You cannot get any info out of them via a call.

They will not tell you who submitted a negative report either. You will have to send notarized paperwork to Washington DC and only then will they tell you who specifically submitted a report.Yet, pay the fine via credit card now (even though you cannot know who , where, when and what the fine is for) and your name will be released in good standing. The overall objective of this NDR is the same as a collection agency trying to be an agent on behalf of any DMV that claims you owe them money. In my case, I was licensed in only one state.”

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Check the exact name – there is this one:

which is run by the government and is legit.

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I’ve never heard of it. There should be a government office you can walk into if it is the real deal. You could also go to the local police and ask for their help.

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I don’t know anything about it, but if it’s like any online dealings I’ve had with any branch of the government, I’d steer clear.

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