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If you have a house with 12 bedrooms and it is just you living there, what would you do with all the extra bedrooms?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) March 19th, 2015

You somehow end up in a McMansion (or actual one) and you have 12 to 15 bedrooms, what do you do with the extra bedrooms? Do you furnish them all even though hardly no one will stay in the? Do you invite lots of friends and acquaintances to justify having all those bedrooms? Do you just leave them empty to cut cost and lessen the work of the housekeeper?

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If I had such a house, I’d probably sell it. Seems like a complete waste of space for one person. However, if for some reason I couldn’t sell it or it wasn’t a financially good time to sell it, I’d leave them unfurnished and closed up. I’d love to be able to let people who are homeless use the rooms as short term accommodation while they get settled, but I could only do that if I could find some way of vetting the people to ensure they were responsible and safe to have in my home.

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That’s where I would put the aux pairs.

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Oh, definitely sell it. It would creep me out to live in a place far too big for the people who inhabit it.

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Open a B&B !!!

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@Pachy Hmm… good idea.

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I’d host foreign students going to the local University. I’d be an amazing Mrs. Garrett and make a gazillion dollars with a reality tv show.

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I’d make one or two into guest rooms. I’d have one be a library. One would be a craft room. One would be a multi-media room with TV, music, etc. That’s 5. Other than my room, the rest would be closed up or maybe storage space.

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I’ll turn my house into an inn. It feels good to make some extra money.

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Turn it into a brothel of course. Madam Colomas house of blue lights, literally.

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I would turn it into a bohemian group house full of pot smoke, shitty artwork, and cats. We’d have a chore wheel, passive-aggressive house meetings, and a weedy vegetable garden in back. You’d go upstairs to brush your teeth and there would be some dude sleeping in the bathtub, nobody knows how he got there.

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If I didn’t turn it into a B&B and I had plenty of money, I would have 3 of the bedrooms each have their own bathroom and nice sized closet. If the bedrooms don’t already have their own bathroom I would renovate reducing the number of total bedrooms.

Maybe also an in-law apartment combing two rooms and adding a microwave, mini fridge, and coffee maker or possibly a small kitchen with a two burner stove and sink added to the fridge and a combo microwave/oven.

Also, the master I would additionally make a small sitting area, if it didn’t already have one, and the closet would be a dressing area, in other words large. The closet would be at least 12×12 with a 3-way mirror, bench seat, maybe an island of drawers that doubles as a folding table. I wouldn’t have enough clothes to fill it, but that’s what I love about it.

I’d have:

My master.

Two guest rooms.

In-law apartment.

A cave room for my husband.

An office for me.

An exercise room with weights, treadmill, elliptical, and a ballet barre.

A crafts room with a sewing machine, shelving for regift items, wrapping paper, gift boxes, and any sort of scrap booking things.

A library with any books we have (not many actually).

Is that 9? The rest are empty. Although, there might only be 9 after the renovation.

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Recording studio
Big office
Big walk in closet
Arts and crafts room
I’d use one rooom for general storage
Big tv room

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Well, if I had the money and the staff, and was free of the guilt which would probably accompany this kind of lifestyle… :

1. My bedroom

2. Crafts room

3. Sauna

4. Guest room

5. Another guest room

6. Music room (grand piano, mostly)

7. Library (picture “Downton Abbey”)

8. Home cinema

9. Indoor pool (with whirlpool)

10. Space for my rats

11. Conservatory

12. Money counting room

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@Coloma A brothel, huh? I need a job.

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I’m sure there is plenty of space in the basement for my soapmaking. ;)

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I’d invite you all to come and stay!

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^^^ A brothel, huh? I need a job.
Oooooooh…..I can’t wait, I am breaking my piggy bank right now for three hours ~~~
Tempting, but I could not dishonor my Lord and future wife like that….but very tempting…..

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Whatever the fuck I want!

2–3 bedrooms would become my new giant closets, 1 room for makeup with walls of mirrors, 2 rooms for guests (so as not to encourage any more that absolutely necessary), a room for each pet, 1 game room, 1 for watching movies, 1 library and of course 1 craft room.

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I’d have a room for each month of the year because I can. I have 12 bedrooms.

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