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Why does iTunes backup my iPhone every time I sync?

Asked by fortune425 (58points) July 15th, 2008

It makes the syncing process twice as long. How do I disable automatic backups?

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in the settings or prefferences tab. Or when your phone is connected you can right click where your phone is off to the left of the screen and hit the prefferences from there.

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OK, and now step-by-step. Click on, go to…

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I know really? LOL. I just think it’s part of the new software when you download apps. I have not tried but I think if after u have synced the apps u want go to the apps tab and don’t allow sync unti you download anymore. This may cure and I hope for as much as I wrote.

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From what I understand, this is a result of Apple forcing all apps into their own “sandbox” and not allowing them to write info to other parts of the phone. All changes have to be saved into the app’s own code and therefore the entire app has to be backed up in order to save your data. Crappy move on Apple’s part and now my sync takes 20 minutes.

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iTunes automatically backs up your iPhone just in case something happens and it needs to be restored. If you’re not worried about this, there are two different ways to go about stopping it. (This is if you’re on a Mac, if you’re on a PC, just let me know and I can give you those instructions, too) If you simply don’t want this to happen every time, go ahead and click the little x on the right side of the window that displays your backup progress. If you’re looking to prevent it EVER happening when you sync, here’s how you do it:

First, unplug your iPhone and close iTunes.

Open up (Applications/Utilities/Terminal)

After it has opened and loaded, type or copy/paste this text in:

defaults write AutomaticDeviceBackupsDisabled -bool true

Exit Terminal (using the command “exit”) and close the app. Plug in your iPhone and it should skip the backup entirely and just sync the phone with your computer.

If you ever want to undo this, just repeat the first steps (unplug, close iTunes, open Terminal) and type or copy/paste

defaults write AutomaticDeviceBackupsDisabled -bool false

Hit enter, exit out of Terminal, fire up your iPhone and backups should start again!

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I was wondering if there is a way to just download apps that I downloaded on my Laptop to my iphone without syncing everything everytime. I just wanna sync my new apps I downloaded but I dont know how to do it

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