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Do most people pass their road test the first time?

Asked by zarnold (695points) July 15th, 2008

My friends tell me their instructor never passes people on the first time. Is this something to expect, or were they just not careful enough?

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I passed on the first time. It really depends on how well prepared you are for driving. You just have to practice a lot and know all the road rules.
Here are some pointers: always check your blind spot by rotating your head (even when asked to pull over to the side of the road); know what direction to curb your tires when on hills; master both parallel parking and backing around a corner; and know all the speed limits in the area around the DMV before you take the test.
Are you about to take your test? If so good luck!

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Good luck on your test!

My husband failed his first test because he had an exhaust leak in his car. He never even got to pull out of the parking space.

I failed mine during the three point turn, it was a one lane street and I was driving a station wagon. I retook the test in a small coupe and was fine.

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I passed my first time.. a hundred years ago, ha ha!! Just study, and practice alot, and you will do just fine. Good Luck!

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Don’t rush into it. Practice until you feel comfortable behind the wheel. I passed mine the first time.

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I second b’s idea of knowing the speed limits around your DMV. I will add to that to know the signs in the alleys/roads around the DMV. See where the Stop Sign is, Yield Sign is etc. They usually always take you through an alley with a bunch of stop signs so if you know where they are stationed from before, you can expect it and be ready for it (in case you are too nervous while taking the test). Scanning the area around the DMV is like seeing the questions that will be on a test before you take it.

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I have two stupid friends that failed.

The first one made a left turn from the right lane cutting in front of other cars.

And the second one failed to completely stop at a stop sign. She just rolled up, looked and kept going, never quite stopping.

I’m sure you’ll do fine. And besides, if you do fail the first test, so what? Just retake it.

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And when you see a stop sign, don’t forget it means STOP, not pause. I knew a girl who actually flunked because she did a “rolling “stop.

Dragon, I owe you a coke!

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@scamp Haha You sure do!

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Ha ha! You can use it to wash down that baconator!!

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As many people pass as fail. I’ve heard people say that some examiners are harder than others, but who knows. They’re people, too with good days and bad days.
I passed first time, but with only a couple of points leeway. I goofed up on a left turn and was almost failed on the spot.
My niece took her test three times before she passed. She was just really inexperienced and anxious to take the driving test, so failed miserably 3 times. 4th was a charm after driving lessons and lots of one on one time behind the wheel.
Focus, practice and don’t rush it! Good luck!

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I passed on the first try, but I was a goody-goody and memorized the manual and had a very strict teacher – my father.

When I drove my son for his driving test, I had a little fender bender (that was my fault) because I turned left from a secondary road w/o looking right. I was too busy talking and a car drove into us. When we finally got to the police barracks, my son had to climb out his window since door was jammed. He passed and was always a timid, careful and conservative driver.

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To answer your original question: “Add to that the reality of the statistic that only fifty percent of people pass their test the first time and you’ve got yourself the longest twenty minutes of your life!”

You might find the site Behind the Road Tests helpful as you prepare.

Good luck!

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OK, thanks everyone

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We had a very similar question about a month ago. You might want to read what was said here for some pretty good advice and encouragement.

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I was stopped for DWI and they gave me two breath tests and I was close on both and then they took me to the police station for another breath test, can they do this to me.

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yikes! I think they need some sort of probable cause, like if you were acting particularly drunk, swerving, etc. Also, they can nail you for a bunch of stuff if your tail light’s out, because then they can ask you for license, reg, and if you’re acting weird they can probably test you. Can’t imagine how much that must have sucked though.

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@Katrina; perhaps a better question is why were you drinking and driving? How many young deaths does it take to convince you that you are not invincible? Better to have it suck than to kill either yourself or an innocent person.

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yes, I know but I shouldn’t have been drinking and driving. but still the fact is I was and I had only 3 beers in 2 1/2 hours. It not like I was drinking to get there. I am sure I am not the only person who has ever done that. I was not drunk. I was almost home 1 block from my house and we just got a new truck and the road has pot holes everywhere. I was trying to miss these pot holes and I new the police officer was behind me but if he was driving that road he new there was holes all over it. I can’t believe that this happened, as like I said I was not out to get there..ya know ..we drove to the little town by were we live and had a few beers and wanted to see some friends as my husband works 7 days a week 12 hours days, we never do anything. Thought we would see some friends, that was a mistake yes, I just can’t believe that they would be so terrible to take me in when they gave me two tests and was only close. Not there…not at 0.08 ..when the lights came on the cop car I was at my stop sign not 20 feet from my house to I pulled into my drive way..doesn’t that suck. I was home, not drunk. By the time they took me in my level had increased ..get it. I do,, or should I say I did.

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i passed mine the first time. i waited a few extra months for practice, though.

i totally biffed a curb on my way out of the 1st parking lot, and still passed.

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I am an Asian, I just got in the USA for seven months now, ok to make the story short. I pass my road test at the first time and my advice for the new driver to be is just RELAX. Got it! because that’s the key, and pay attention of what the inspector wants you to do, and don’t hesitate to ask f you r not sure what he says, just to make it sure you made it right is onother points for him as will STOP at the stop sighn, don’t take that for granted!!!!! Parallel is not easy but focus on that during your practice and OH before I Forgot, remember to give them a smile before you get going, give some charm a little that will help to ease your verve.

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I heared that not all people passed at the first time, but most on there 2nd time. Just relax and do yourself a favor, practice,practise and more practise. When your ready, you might as will pass at the first time. Good luck!

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heyy i am taking my road test in 20 days i am not neverous right now but i know i will be the day of the test all my friends passed the first time but these 2 girls and they both rolled tho the stop signs so if you dont do that you should do just fine…GOOD LUCK

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hey i took my test yesterday and i failed due to the fact when i had just finished my test i drove to ’‘SLOW’ into the test centre!!
other than that i had about 3 minors but he made that into a serious, am very peed off but you have to get over it, i actually said to the guy ’’ did you want me to drive into the gate then! what else could i have done! CRASH! then failed again for that!’’ he didnt say anything back, but i think it was totally unfair and i was fully prepared for it.
im retakin in a month anyway i no next time to drive into the gate at the test centre aha

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