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If my iPhone screen breaks, does apple replace it for free?

Asked by futurelaker88 (1600points) July 15th, 2008

it gets a little more complicated, i had an iPhone that broke and i dealt with it. i just bought the 3G but still have the old one, can i take it to apple and get it replaced if its not active?

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Manufacturers warranties generally don’t cover physical damage. However, if you’re looking to recycle/scrap the phone, you probably can hand it on to a retail store.

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As @wildflower said manufacturer warranties do not cover any user damage. How did the screen break?

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its hardware damage, it happened to a lot of people and i didnt do anything it just stopped responding. its not physically cracked or broke just unresponsive. lol i shouldve cleared that up, sorry.

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OK, in that case call Apple or go to the shop you bought it in. If it’s not urgent, perhaps wait a few days unless you really like listening to hold music :)

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Ahh okay, then yes it’s worth taking it into an Apple store. They will probably repair the phone for free and you’ll be able to sell it, or whatever you would like to do.

If you like, you can contact AppleCare using the information below:

1–800-MY-IPHONE (1–800-694–7466)

0870 876 0753 (UK) or 1850 946 191 (Ireland)

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wont they see that it has no service and be hesitant on handing a new phone to someone who has cancelled it and has a new one already?

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If it is still under warranty, then the phone contract has nothing to do with the usability of the phone, if it is deactivated, then it is basically an iPod Touch. It does everything except the phone function if you are able to receive WiFi. That’s how I have been using mine.

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@futurelaker: Provided you haven’t unlocked it (the hacking process that allows it to be used with other networks), then Apple are under contract to honor your warranty and will be more than happy to do so. The fact that it doesn’t have an AT&T/O2 SIM inside doesn’t mean anything, as you could potentially be giving it/selling it to someone else to get a SIM to use inside.

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richardhenry, that’s exactly what the rep at the Apple Store in San Jose told us when we got our 3G’s the other day.

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