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Cheap (ish) restaurants for parties of 25+ near Union Square / in Greenwich Village?

Asked by flash74686 (478points) March 30th, 2015

I’m planning an event for a club, and so far, I’ve got 17 people RSVP’ed (I only put the event on facebook this morning) and anticipate at least 5 more people, plus there are several “maybes” that I’m waiting on. I’m preparing for the worst though, and anticipating a large party.

Last year we hosted this event in a restaurant in K-town that was rather expensive, so this year, I’m hoping to find a restaurant that will be able to seat a party of my size without a minimum fee per person.

Do you know of any such restaurants in this area? We’re all broke college students, so our absolute max is $30 per person, but in the $20s is preferable.

If necessary we can go to another neighborhood and take the subway, I guess. I’m just finding it really difficult to find decent places with space that don’t require you to pay at least $50 per person.

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Check out Heartland Brewery which is on Union Square between 15th and 16th. Good food and beer; you’d just have to see if they can accommodate a large party.

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