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If Earth were destroyed by an asteroid or fell into a black hole, what would happen to ghosts and souls that supposedly are here?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33135points) March 30th, 2015

Do ghosts and spirits survive the earth’s destruction?

Do souls persist and survive the end of the world?

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The souls would be released to go to heaven as do the ghosts and spirits.

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Yes. Wait, no. I’m confused.

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Guessing maybe they don’t. The entire kit and caboodle would just up and vanish.

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They would be, like, totally SUCKED, man!

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All the ghosts, spooks, hobgoblins, souls and spirits get absorbed into the great cosmic collective conscious. If the Earth gets sucked into a black hole then when it shoots through to a new universe the collective conscious eventually gets born again. At least that’s my hypothesis.

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You could ask this of religious folks too, what would happen to their “god” ?
They got no one & nothing to watch over/influence/manipulate #unemployed

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Nothing escapes a black hole. Not humans, not ghosts, not spirits, not gods.

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..not even unicorn farts.

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With the quantum meme that nothing happenes unless it is observed, the answer will be any number of possibilities, until the event happens, and is observed, and those probabilities collapse into the reality.

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They would survive the destruction of Earth, but not the destruction of the universe or time.

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They would continue to not exist.

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Can’t give enough GA there, @Blackberry!

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If there are souls and ghosts, I’d imagine they’re just a different type of energy.

And like @ragingloli already said, nothing escapes a black hole.
[insert slurpy-sounding, literally soul-sucking noise here]

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I think they would survive destruction.

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I second @Blackberry. They would continue to not exist.

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I hope you all find yourselves in Heaven, and your answers are found.
I was unaware anyone believed that a soul was a matter based object.

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@filmfann Only if you consider matter as condensed energy?

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Ghosts, spirits, and the like are, by definition, DIS- embodied (having no physical body) and earth is a physical entity. So if it were destroyed, by whatever means, its effect upon them is a moot point as far as their continued existence is concerned.

Unlike us in our current state, they have no need of a physical expression so what difference would it make whether Earth is or isn’t ? None that I can see.

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If “ghost encounters” are to be believed (which they are not), then ghosts can be seen (though translucent), they can be photographed, they can touch people, they can make sounds, they can throw things around to make a ruckus (Poltergeist).
Which means that ghosts interact with/emit light (energy), and they interact with matter (which is just another form of energy), are therefore material beings, and thusly, would be affected by anything that destroys the earth, be it a multi gigaton asteroid impact, or the gravitational pull of a black hole.

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If an asteroid collision, people would die (nothing unusual) so souls should float away as usual. If a black hole, souls might get sucked in just like light, since spacetime is so warped.

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@RocketGuy Doesn’t that assume that ghosts and souls have mass?

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even massless particles are affected by warped spacetime.

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