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When do I give lurve?

Asked by intro24 (1434points) July 15th, 2008 from iPhone

How good should a question / answer be to get lurve? How strict are you at clicking “Great Answer” or “Great Question”? Should I only give lurve for answers that were really good or for ones that answer the question decently?

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Depends on personal preference.
I’m like johnpowell in this respect, and am going to say what he was probably typing before he gave up on this question.
For the questions that I ask, I only give Great Answer lurve to answers that answer my question really, really well. On the questions of others, I hand out lurve to practically anybody that makes me think really hard or laugh really loudly.
As far as great answers, I only give that lurve if somebody makes me stop everything I’m doing to think about their question.

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What lefteh said.

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It’s kind of subjective, don’t you think? But I’ll help you out. It’s whenever you see that it’s me answering the question.

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If I ask an opinion based Q, i give GA to basically anyone who states their opinion and fulfills the requirement of the Q. If i ask a tech help or “how do i do this?” type of question, then i will GA to the people who actually gave the right answer that helped. But I have and will always give GA to responses that make me laugh, because laughter is healthY, and making funny responses actually takes work too. this is why I am completely maxed out on giving Chuckie GA’s

As for when I give GQ to a question, it’s when I think the question was one i had in my mind too, or if it was just an intelligent question that brought about an important discussion. Or if I got something new from the Q.

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Personally, I’m more inclined to give lurve to decent questions/answers by new users to make them feel like their contributions to the collective are recognized. For more well-established users, I have a slightly higher standard.

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When your friends answer a question give lurve. Do not give lurve when you do not like the person answering the question, even if its the best answer you have ever read. I believe some people do this. And some will complain that I said this, but its probably the one’s who do it.

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For Great Answer I pretty much go with gut feeling. If my reaction is one of the following (or similar), I hand out lurve:
“Interesting point…”
“Hah! what do you know!”
“hahaha….that’s brill!”
“Nice one!”

When it comes to Great Question, I’ll generally dish out the lurve if it’s a question I really want to know the answer to too or I think it’s brave, admirable or open-minded of the person to ask.

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I’m kind of stingy with my lurve – I only give lurve for answers that I think are well thought out and well written, or that are truly witty and make me laugh.

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My approach is sort of the opposite of Lefteh. If I asked the question, I tend to give GA to anyone who offers something relevant and worthwhile as long as it does not duplicate others’ answers.

On other people’s questions, I give GA for a response that provides good information to the questioner or for a witty remark or things I didn’t know or will find useful.

Great question is probably hardest to get from me, because I have to really be made to think or wonder, or it has be something I’d like to know or am impressed the person had the imagination to ask. While AC is usually not as funny to me as he thinks he is, ;) he is an absolute champ at asking original, thought-provoking questions.

I also do what sferik mentioned and am an easy grader to new Flutherers to encourage them.

I never do what tinyfaery alleges. None of my friends are on Fluther (at least not that I know). While I have made Fluther friends, at least I think of them as friends, points are not what it is about, and I use the same standards for them I do for others.

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@faery, bitter much?

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@robmandu Defensive much?

I was pointing out a fact that has made others leave the collective.

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off topic just a bit


Well, the only thing that can be said is that that is your perspective on what you think might be happening some of the time.

Fact is, people tend to like other people that they agree with, that they have had similar experiences as, and that they share things in common. No mystery there. No lurve conspiracy just to make you feel bad.

Since only Fluther mods & gods can objectively track lurve awards, you have no way of substantiating your claim other than finding a smattering of folks who might own up to such behavior. I think that activity is the exception, not the rule here on Fluther.

Now if you’re asking me if I’m defensive about the point you made, well, you’ll just have to take my word for it that I’m not.

I acknowledge that I’m diametrically opposed to many of the belief systems espoused here. But I don’t preach my viewpoint (much).

I will admit that there are some characters I like more than others. Even some who I dislike a bit. But for my part, I’ve consistently tried to share the lurve even with those I have a grudge against. For example, I might disagree with someone vehemently in one thread and then support his/her opinion in a different one.

More than simply awarding lurve, I try to be intellectually consistent by agreeing with someone when they’re right… even if I don’t like them.

So, I answered your challenge. Do you admit to being bitter that you’re not universally liked by one and all?

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Are you being sarcastic or just rude? Like I said, people have left the collective due to such issues; I don’t need to substantiate my claim, I’m using someone’s personal experience and opinion (not mine). This whole issue was addressed by thebeadholder last week; and if you notice, she hasn’t been back since.

I was being post-ironic with my comment. You are the only one so far to have such issue with it.

Obviously, other people believe it true as well; 2 GAs so far. Unless of course flutherites are playing games with me, which is totally possible.

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If people leave because they feel others score more GA’s than them, I don’t think they were here for the right reasons to begin with.
Sure it’s nice to feel appreciated in the form of a few lurve points here and there, but I really don’t think that should decide whether or not you Fluther.

I can go along with the idea of it being frustrated if you don’t feel part of any of the cliques around here, but again, that isn’t the aim of this place and shouldn’t make you leave (I’m still here).

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@tinyfaery robmandu said it all so well in his first post that I didn’t think it was necessary to be overt in response, but I agree with everything he has said, and I also thought you sounded kind of snarky in your original post. That was why I put in the last paragraph of my answer. I am saying this now so that you do not think he is the only one who had an issue with it.

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@wf I don’t think its fair to assume that if someone leaves, or if someone takes issue with site politics, its because they want more GAs. I personally do not think much about my lurve. I get GAs from insignificant comments, and don’t get them when others have answered the same (and after me) get tons of GAs. I’m not an attention seeker; I do things for my own amusement, and to keep my conscience clean.

@marina I obviously feel that he didn’t say it well. I also thought he was being overtly rude. And never, in all my life, have I ever been part of a clique, nor would I want to be.

A lot of assumption fluthers around her. Doesn’t it?

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That was more of a conclusion than assumption. You made a statement that people GA their friends and that this made people leave…...That’s what I was responding to. OK, it may be a stretch to say they feel they don’t got enough GA’s, perhaps they’d just rather other users got fewer – either way the point is the same. If the dishing out of lurve is so important to a user that they decide whether or not to use this site on it, I don’t think they’re using Fluther for the right reasons.

I’ve also seen people more eloquent than me get GA’s for posting essentially the same as me. That’s fine! Whether it’s because they have friends on here or just more appealing way of delivering the message, it’s not gonna make me want to leave.

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I think the issue is consistency, nothing else. But let me say, for the last time, I don’t care about the lurve.

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Consistency is also, me thinks, something that someone should not be suprised to find lacking in a community comprised of thousands of people from dozens of countries with a myriad of backgrounds, experiences, and opinions.

The only consistent thing would be inconsistency.

@faery, in your quip above, you snarkily wrote, “Do not give lurve when you do not like the person answering the question, even if its the best answer you have ever read.”

Forgive me for assuming that had to do with the motivation behind lurve rewards. It so-o-o obviously is about consistency.~

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Again. Are you being sarcastic or rude? I can never tell.

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the ”~” is the fluther accepted sign for sarcasm.

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ok thanks pnl though i’m not sure there’s a difference

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Of course there isn’t.~

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I too support what robmandu says in this thread. I think he said it well.

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I do what Sferik does. Yes, there are plenty of times I GA somone with 1000+ points, and yes I might consider them a fluther-friend, but mostly I lurve to GA new members (100 lurve or less) who make me laugh of give detailed, specific answers. After, I lurve to PM them welcoming them to the collective, because that’s how I think we build the site.

I totally get where tinyfaery’s coming from but I disagree with the approach. The wording of hir first post is aggressive in stance, and assumptive in nature. That being said, I have enjoyed most of hir posts thus far, so as shilolo taught me recently, maybe we (old, cliquish we) should back off.

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click below the arrow ==V

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@ninjaxmarc what? Oh.. nevermind. I got it. haha!

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I give them a star if it’s short, sarcastic, and makes me laugh. Or serious, geniune, and gives a helpful response. The ones who never get my good answer click usually tend to be so ridiculously long and drawn out that I start drooling half way through so I just give up on finishing the whole thing. Or the responses from people who think their answers are above any other’s and parade around on their high horse. You know who you are

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I normally give a Great Question to somebody who asks a question that is different than most. I give a Great Answer if it is sarcastic, funny, witty, or different.

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I don’t know when you give lurve. When you’re horny?

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