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Is your snow finally gone?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36713points) April 13th, 2015

I came home today and all the snow in my driveway and around the house was finally gone. I’ve been walking on snow since November. This Winter was a bear. You? You warm weather jellies up yours~.

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We’ve had two really warm days and it feels like spring. But we still have some snow.

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The snow is gone and the forsythias are finally budding with leaves. That says spring to me.

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80 degrees here.

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Almost. There are some patches in the woods, Crocuses, snow drops and squill are blooming and daffodils are half up.

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Snow gone, crocuses, daffodils and forsythia are out Past two days in the 60s. At last!

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Yes my snow is gone. I had to look out of the window to confirm.

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I almost feel bad saying this, but our snow has been gone for over a month.

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No snow and it’s quite a bit cooler here. I even suggested it must be getting close to when we should think about lighting the fire. I was told in no uncertain terms – No. I do have a quilt on the bed again too.

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We still have small piles where the big piles used to be. Everywhere else is melted and dried out though. I was able to lie on the grass and enjoy the 65 degree weather today without getting my bum wet.

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Yes, it is gone.

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There’s no snow at the moment except for in the mountains, but it’s supposed to snow this Thursday. So nope.

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Nope, because how can something goes when it never comes?

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The shovels are put away and the lawn mower is coming out tomorrow. I can’t wait for the glorious smell of cut grass.

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It only snowed once here. In 1966. My brother made a snowball and we kept that thing in the freezer for years. We would invite friends in to look at it.

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No snow this year. But I can see Mount Saint Helens from my bedroom window so I can see snow everyday of the year.

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We had snow for about a day this winter, so yeah. It’s been in the 70s and 80s for several weeks.

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Pretty much. It rained like a mad bastard all night too, so what snow was there is probably gone. I was walking around without a coat on yesterday, everyone was. Supposed to be a little colder today, but I think Winter pretty much went to sleep.

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Also, the last snow we got was on April 8th (yes, less than a week ago).

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Mostly. There are still random piles that have yet to melt. There are some jumbo mounds in parks and parking lots where the city plows piled the snow high. Those may melt in June.

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@cookieman @hominid Was there a lot of flooding when the snows melted by you?

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^ I was convinced there would be, but we lucked out. The melting has been slow enough and we haven’t had too much rain. My basement got wet, but it wasn’t much.

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@janbb: Same answer as @hominid, except my basement is dry (thanks to my two sump pumps, which have been running regularly).

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Yea, but there’s still ice on my heart.

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Snow is gone. I saw some piles on the thruway last week… but I’ll bet they’re gone by now too.

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Our snow has been gone since the end of February , not bad for living out west in Canada eh?

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We got a whole new batch of snow yesterday, but it didn’t stay. It warmed up late in the day and turned to rain. I guess our snow has been gone since mid-March in my suburb, but up on the side hills of town, there were small, blackened mounds when I was up there visiting a school on Monday.

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Our snow never arrived, as usual. Plenty of rain though.

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Snow? What snow? Us Californians are parched and dry. We had a whole INCH of rain last week and a dusting of snow in the Sierras above me by about 2000 feet.

The normal snow pack is well over 35 feet or more. We are super, duper, screwed this summer. The trifuckta of another record dry year, little rain, even less snow.
Things are green right now, grass is 3 feet tall, fox tails blowin’ in the wind, trees all leafed out, bugs jumping everywhere and hitting 80 this weekend, a sunny, breezy, 66 right now at 5pm.

This is going to be another fire season from hell. I am so jealous of you easterners and your damn snow. lol

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@Coloma: “I am so jealous of you easterners and your damn snow.”


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@hominid LOL but…the grass on boih sides of the fence will be equally brown in a few more weeks. haha

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@Coloma My Californian brother thinks instead of the Keystone Pipeline we should have a pipeline from the east to California to bring snow and water.

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There never was any snow. And I’m not just talking about where I am, where there literally never is any, but I was up in the mountains this winter a couple times and I saw no snow. This year California had the lowest snow levels in recorded history.

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@Coloma I most honestly wish I could send you some of our rain and snow.

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@janbb Yes and desalination plants too.
@cazzie Thanks, going for 80 this weekend, with maaaybe a bit of drizzle next week. Oh boy! haha

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@Coloma I was hearing a piece about desalination plants and their impact on the marine environment and they’re not a great solution either but will probably come. And I am expecting to make California my home at some point. So end the drought now. lol

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@janbb Hmmm..I’ll research that, not totally privy to the potential marine impact.
The Golden state is a great place to live and maybe we’ll get slaughtered with an El Nino next year. Feast or famine, fire or flood. haha

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@janbb What made you decide to come out to California? I thought you were an East coast girl at heart. Where in CA do you think you might want to live? Are you thinking urban, rural, the beach, suburbs, hippie town, Republican-ville? I’m very familiar with Central to Southern, @Coloma and @Zenvelo and @Judi are familiar with Northern California. We can give you some good suggestions depending upon what you would like to have in a hometown.

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@Kardamom It’s not likely to be for another 3 to 5 years. It will be in the Bay area if I do it, very likely Berkeley and I’d be coming to be close to family, particularly my son. I’m spending more and more time there. My ideal situation would be to spend summers in NJ and winters in Cali but we’ll see how things shape up.

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@janbb Nice, that sounds lovely. Have you been to Yosemite yet? Berkely is a lot closer to Yosemite than I am. I’ve only been there once. There’s lots of beautiful and interesting things to do in Northern California (that I’ve never done).

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