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Which bird has the largest brain?

Asked by Afos22 (3990points) April 16th, 2015

Which bird has the largest brain? I’m not looking for brain to body mass ratio, just pure size. I have been searching for a while now and all I keep finding is that corvids and parrots have largest brains for their body size, and that ostrich eyes are bigger than their brains. But I can’t find the simple fact of which bird’s brain is literally the largest. Do you happen to know the answer?

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I believe I read that Parrots have the largest brains for body ratio compared to other birds. Which makes sense, since they are also the only bird able to talk. Maybe the mocking bird can come close

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“Anatomically, a bird has a relatively large brain compared to its head size. Birds in the crow family (corvids), and parrots (psittacines) have been shown to live socially, have long developmental periods, and possess large forebrains, and these may be expected to allow for greater cognitive abilities.”


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Oh, I misunderstood. I did find this chart and it seems Ostrich may be the winner.

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I found that chart as well, but it only contains a few bird species.

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I would think if there was a bird with a larger brain than it would’ve been chosen instead of the ostrich.

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I’m not giving guarantees, but I’ve heard it’s the bowerbird. Fascinating birds, by the way!

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@longgone that’s a very interesting article. Thanks for posting that.

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I’m thinking it has to be some large bird of prey or a large scavenging bird.

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I also keep finding that ravens have “among” the largest brains of all birds. Always “among” though.

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Probably what ever the biggest bird is.
I figure that is the Ostrich.
So I also figure the Ostrich has the biggest brain.

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@Afos22 You’re welcome.

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