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What do you think about the new Star Wars trailer?

Asked by filmfann (47838points) April 16th, 2015

Here it is!
Did your head explode?
Anything you want to point out?

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I liked it but I need time to adjust. I will wait for it to go to TV. Good to see that Han Solo and Harrison Ford survived his plane crash.

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Less ridiculous and silly than the prequels. It looks dark and gritty. I’m so excited!

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I don’t watch trailers anymore, they give away too much. But I am still incredibly excited.

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When I saw Harrison Ford, I almost shat myself : P

I’ll go to see it even if it blows.

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It kind of made me cringe. Expecting an overtly hyped money grab.

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I think it will be awesome. But I also think you’re going to hear a lot of people whining about it. Movie snobs. Who needs em?

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Meh. Seems like everything JarJarAbrams touches, turns to shit. Like King Midas’ evil brother.
Remember Star Destroyers? Remember Storm Troopers? Remember R2D2? Remember the Millennium Falcon? Lightsabers? Luke Skywalker? Chewbacca? They are all in there!
And just like Leonard Nimoy in the JarJarTrek movies, we even performed necromancy on Harrison Ford, so we could drag him in there, too!
We put all the old stuff into the movie so the nostalgia drives the fanboys to empty their pockets in droves!
New, unfamiliar characters and ideas are bad for ticket sales, so let us not take any risks!

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It makes me happy, I almost grew a semi, but not quite.

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@ucme Nothing like a giant wookie to get the blood flowing, am I right?

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@gorillapaws Well, I wouldn’t say “nothing” but ya getting there.

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@ragingloli I know you hated the Star Trek reboots, as I did, but I don’t think it is fair to hang a monstrous atrocity like Jar Jar Binks on Abrams.

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You are right. It is not fair.
It is not fair to JarJar Binks.

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Also, it didn’t say “Episode Vll”

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I find it less D I S T U R B I N G than the previous one.

I notice Chewie isn’t showing any grey hairs… do you think he dyes them?

The TIE fighters and especially the stormtroopers look pointlessly CGI/fake/shiney/not-real/pointlessly-stylistically-different.

I dunno about why it could possibly make sense to fly the Falcon into the engine of a giant ruined ship (super star destroyer?) and hope to be able to not crash into some random solid objects.

I did sort of enjoy the first crashed star destroyer… I’d enjoy seeing more of that…

My favorite thing associated with JJ Abrams is still this .

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I have no interest in Star Wars, but I guess this looks pretty cool. But I saw another trailer of this before where they showed a bad guy with a cool looking weapon that kind of looked like a cross. That got my attention, but you see him in this trailer for like a split second.

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