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What kind of curse words did you use today?

Asked by Tbag (3325points) April 20th, 2015 from iPhone

Other than the word “fuck”, what kind of ******* did you use or will use today?

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None yet, but it’s only 7:48am ET. Too early for things to have started going to shit.

I’m not a big curser, so my guess is that I won’t use anything that impressive,

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Most likely none. It’s extremely unlikely for me to curse.

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I think I said “damn” once today. It’s only 8:15AM here, so the day holds many opportunities for potential cursing.

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I just woke up, but I have a sinus infection… So maybe a couple of “goddammits” so far. My Afrin spray is empty.

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It’s nearly bedtime and I can’t remember swearing today. Not sure what happened there. Perhaps I should go into overdrive and let loose with a whole stream of expletives.

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Voodoo, Gypsy, Black Pearl…

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The usuals…shit, dammit and the your example above. I curse a lot at home, not so much in mixed company.

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It’s barely 9:30 AM and I’ve already used “shit”, “fuck”, “goddammit” and “motherfucker”. The day is ripe with opportunities to weave a masterful torrent of obscenity.

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Goddam bloody hell. Bleeding cunt. you asked

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“Bleeding cunt”
Time of the month?

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Obama. Oh and Hillary. HA!

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@ucme no the stupid old fart that can’t reverse out of a carpark.

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@trailsillustrated Then bleeding cunt is a worthy title, old fart too.

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Cunt is always good.

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