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Do you find that as you get older you become more low maintenance and require less to get by?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21499points) April 29th, 2015

Is that the case or the opposite?

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I make fiber my friend. I sleep at night instead of gaming. I take care of myself better; but my grade nine person can kick my ass. I’m not as strong as I was then. I’m more relaxed now.

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Yes, in fact, I often just think to people who want to spend time with me or help me… Leave Me Alone already. Actually it is more like…. ‘Leave me the fuck alone.’

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Less what? Less love? Less stuff?

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Very definitely. I’m not in such a rush to get a ton of things done in a short time, because frankly, with a lot of things, it’s “been there, done that.”

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I’ve never been particularly high maintenance. Kind of the opposite. I feel guilty on the odd times I actually indulge in something nonessential.

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I’ve always been pretty low-maintenance and that increases as I get older.

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I’m with @cazzie I am an extrovert by nature but the last dozen years I really, REALLY, like to be alone more and have my space. I was never high maintenance in terms of many females that need tons of emotional attention and validation, especially by men, but, I do require mental/intellectual stimulation and if all you ever talk about is hum drum daily stuff I’m just not interested. haha

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I’ve never been very high maintenance, but I would say as I get older I have become higher maintenance in some respects. Now, when I know what I want I f$&king want it and I don’t want to compromise. Luckily, I don’t want that much.

There are some little luxuries I have become accustomed to and don’t like to do without, but I still have very few demands and I’ve never been one of those girly girls who had to have designer names all over my clothes and accessories. I prefer to be with people not overly preoccupied with how they look and what they wear. Those people can be so exhausting.

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No. It takes more time to put myself together. I was actually low maintenance when younger. Now my hair rarely cooperates, my skin and nail gets dry if I forget to moisturize. I have to drink more water as well, even when I don’t want to. I have to take supplements because my body no longer absorbs vitamins like it use too. I have more allergies and sensitivities to the out doors. I have to wear skin block or I will burn or get dark patches.
I use to be able to sleep any where in any bed but if the bed isn’t right, I can’t sleep when away. My teeth and nails require more care. Before I would get up. Shower and be dressed in 15 minutes. Blow dry my hair in another 15 minutes. Put some lotion on and a little bit of blush and lipstick. Now it takes me at least an hour of some serious prep to go out to walk my dog.

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Yes. This is true for me.

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I’m definitely learning to not care as much. After a point there’s too much stress and negative thinking due to the mistakes I’ve made. I’m gonna go crazy if I don’t stop so I just have to let go.

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Yes and no. I used to eat loads of food when I was young and never gained a pound. That was 60 lbs. ago. Never had to take extra fiber. Or take stool softener. Or daily vitamins. Or Lisinopril. And where did I put my glasses THIS time???

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@knitper The food is a great point, I am definitely a little more complicated about food now, even taking into account for several years in my early 20’s a couldn’t digest dairy well and avoided it for years, incuding ordering pizza with no cheese. Now, I worry about dying from eating badly, and that proves to be way more compicated.

Also, I am under more stress than ever and having memory problems (I think a lot of it is from the stress) and that is contributing to me being more high strung and complicated. I hope it is temporary and this isn’t going to be a ling standng trend.

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As I get older, I need more maintenance for personal health and personal comfort and therefore more money to get those things. In other ways I use less money for things I no longer need or am interested in.

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