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Ultimate sign a guy likes you?

Asked by thatswhatshesaid (65points) July 16th, 2008

whats the one big thing (for teenagers like….17–18) that lets you know that a guy is really liking you?

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I’m 44 years of age now. My opinion would be attention. Guys show it in different ways but there’s always some sort of interaction directly or inadvertantly.

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He hand you a paper and says, ” here’s youre sign” and scrawled on the paper is, I like you.

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ultimate sign = when he tells you he likes you.

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I had a girl do that to me once SilentlyLogical lol, actually that was last winter.. hmm

If a guy is liking you, it should be fairly obvious, flirting, wants to spend time with you, i mean common, it’s a guy here we aren’t that complicated when it comes to beginning to like a girl.

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You will know.. Most guys don’t really play games. Sit-coms taught us to avoid the normal bullshit.

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If he contacts you first (via text, phone call, etc.) instead of you him. If he talks about you to his buddies (in a good way). If he wants to hang out with you. If he touches you (like hand holding, bear hugs). And, duh, if he says he likes you..


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umm….this is really obvious to me but…diamond ring?

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If he stares at you.

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What Allie said, good answers

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If you say “hi!” to him and he blushes, stammers, and drops something, he golly-gee really, really likes you.
That’s how it worked for me.

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diamond ring is a lil despirate mate…

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I know someone that got a girl that he and i both liked a necklace I believe, this was back in fourth or fifth grade.

She turned him down.. ouch.

As it goes, money can’t buy the girl.

If he does try to give a gift, don’t accept it, and say something sweet like i’d rather have you than some metal.

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if he shows up at ur house with a dozen roses and condoms

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when he teases you (in a cute way) constantly for no reason :D or if he can’t keep eye contact for more than 10 seconds without doing something embarrasing, he likes you all the way to the end

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he makes the effort.

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he finds ways to visit you, but it feels like it’s a coincidence to you. it’s just his way of going “out” his way. you won’t realize he likes you, but the people around you will. if they ever say, “he really likes you,” you’ll say “wow, how can you tell?” when they say “because the way he looks at you,” there’s your answer.

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If he asks you to hang out somewhere where you two will be alone means he likes you above the rest of the group.

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adding the clairedete: Of course it could be in very different ways. Being asked to a picnic watching the sun set alone and being asked to stay the night at a h/motel alone are probably pretty different degrees of like.

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ha, @ Allie. I was going to specify which type of alone-hanging-out I meant but I figured y’all would understand I meant a sweet kind of situation & not a sexual one but thanks.

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my guy told me straight-up that he loves me, and just couldn’t wait to tell me anymore.
through a phone call at 3 AM.
it was adorable.

but i don’t really know what the ultimate sign would be.
all guys are different.

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