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Any advice for living on my own for the first time?

Asked by rory (1397points) May 9th, 2015

I’m 20, and going into my third year in college. Two friends and I are sub-leasing an apartment for the summer and working jobs in the area. None of us have ever lived without parents/in dorms. Does anyone have any advice for basic survival? Easy recipes?

What was it like the first time you lived on your own? Any good stories?

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If at all possible get receipts for things like rent and such, so you have proof you paid them,also walk through the apartment with who ever you will be renting it from and point out and mark down any damage so they don’t try and say you did it when you move out.
and for other survival things make sure the phone number for the local pizza joint is on someones speed dial.

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Get together with your potential roommates and iron out the house rules before you move into together.

1.Are overnight guests of the opposite sex allowed?
2. How is cleaning divided up?
3. Do you each buy and label your own food?
4. How are the bills divided?
5. What is the process if somebody breaks the rules?
6. Whose name(s) is(are) on the lease?
7. Are pets allowed?

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How fun and exciting, oh, I remember those days, many years ago now. haha
Yep, pretty much what @marinelife mentions. The biggest room mate conflicts are about being slobs vs. tidy and not eating each others food.
Maybe make a plan for cooking too, if any of you cook some.

I’d invest in a crock pot and you guys can make spaghetti sauces, chili, soups, roast chicken, etc.and other easy and budget meals.
The other thing is allowing boyfriends/girlfriends to spend the night, hang out.
Often when someone gets a new lover they end up being another room mate.
Gotta put a cap on that, like weekends only or, the squeeze needs to be pitching in on cleaning and cooking, dishes etc.

Best rule, everyone cleans up their own mess, and right away, not days later.
My daughter has had several bad room mates, drove her crazy.

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Understand that you are responsible for your roommates behavior. If they trash the place and don’t pay for it you WILL be held responsible. If they don’t pay their portion of the rent you will be expected to make up the difference.
In some specific instances like some student housing this may not be the case but for the most part it is. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve given the “mommy lecture” to people moving into an apartment and explained all this to them only for them to forget at the first sign of trouble.

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yep, that too…oh man, memories. lol

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Living with roommates is sometimes hard. You will all have your own ideas of how everyone should act towards each other, and they will not always be the same. Do your best never to be passive-aggressive. Communicate a lot. Give people the benefit of the doubt whenever possible, because they’re your friends as well as your roommates.

Group meals are a really good idea, though your schedules may make it difficult. It keeps things friendly, saves you all money, and you’ll likely learn recipes and techniques from each other that you’ll use for the rest of your lives.

Figure out where your fuse box is. Put a flashlight with charged batteries in a place where you can find it in the dark.

Know what your rights are as tenants in your state.

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Learn how to cook healthy, get a decent attorney if you need legal advice, and trust most people very little.

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How good are the friends you’re moving in with? How long you’ve known them?

You know what? If none of you have ever lived without parents/in dorms, there should be no problem getting along for 3 months.

Will your work schedules be the same for meals?

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Did you know that even if all three are named on the lease and If one of both of your roommates leave sudenly…you are left with the whole rent and also clean up etc
So get something written in the lease to off set one person holding the bag.

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I can probably count on my digits the number of times I have been alone and looking back I have never lived alone.

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edit: we have all lived in dorms before, just none of us with parents.
We are all moved in now, though only one of us is currently up there, because I just got pneumonia and realized I didn’t have the ability to care for myself when very sick just yet, so went home to my parents for a few days!
Thanks for all the advice!

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