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What are some options to reduce smoking out an apartment while cooking?

Asked by MrGV (4170points) July 1st, 2014

I live in a fairly small apartment. I was wondering if anyone has any techniques to reduce the smokes from clouding up their apartment and setting off the fire alarms while cooking in the kitchen. (frying stuff)

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I don’t have any suggestions, apart from

a) opening the windows or
b) paying more attention to your cooking.

Do you use a high amount of fat when frying?

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My smoke detector has a button that stops the ringing. Sort of like sleep mode. Check your smoke detector for a button that switches off the buzzing.

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do not turn the stove to full whack.

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I would concur with @ragingloli. If your frying oil is smoking, your fire or burner is too hot.

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Switch to steaming or pan-broiling?

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I can feel for your situation. I was living in a small apartment not so long ago. The stove had an exhaust fan, which went right into the cabinet above!
Use a crock pot when you can.
I reduced frying time on some foods by boiling, baking, or microwaving the food to almost done, then only finishing in the skillet for texture and flavor. I switched to (ugh) microwave bacon while I lived there.
The best you can do is alter your cooking style a bit, unless you can convince your building owner to make some new ventilation in the units.

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Use an oil that has a high smoke point.
See the attached chart of oils and their smoke points.

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Use safflower oil it handles the higher heats with less smoke, corn oil is a good second choice and avoid vegetable/olive oils as smoke a lot more at lower temps.

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Also, hemp oil, if you can get it in food grade, has a high smoke temperature

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I’m with those who suggest not having the oil too hot, @LuckyGuy suggestion about trying an oil with a higher smoke point sounds like an excellent idea.

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Are you pan frying, or deep fat frying. If it’s deep frying, you can buy appliances that are completely enclosed when frying, that have a filter in the lid, like this one.

Even better, if you have the bucks.

Check this out!

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There are all sorts of hazards involved with letting your cooking oil get this hot. (I agree with others here that it is too hot.) They have linked a higher lung cancer risk because the oil becomes aerosol and is breathed in and cheap oils contain carcinogens. See attached study:

Lower the temp and get better oil.

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