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Have you ever slept in the bathroom?

Asked by talljasperman (21875points) May 9th, 2015

It’s like a coffin or a space capsule. Dark and no water and with blankets and two pillows. Very dark and quiet. I have my cell phone for company.

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Only once after drinking way to much rum, about 38 years ago. lol

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It was attempted once during a tornado warning. The sirens went off for so long that I finally set up camp in a tub which was the safest place in the house due to location and structure. Fortunately, the cell phone was charged before the power went out.

Nothing came of it. I woke up an hour or two later. The sirens were no longer blaring, so I just went to bed.

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I am the same as Coloma mine was only 27years ago spent a night at the base of the great white throne.

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I used to fall asleep in the tub a lot. I found it very serene. Also I have slept in the bathroom when I didn’t feel well. It is rather cozy and quiet. However, all my bathrooms have always had water (?)

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On a hard tile floor? No, absolutely not.

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Back in 12–31-1979 I had the flu so bad and was vomiting (mostly dry heaves) so much that I slept in the bathroom curled up to the commode.

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I spent a night in there once, but I was not asleep by any stretch of the imagination. Actually it was a hotel bathroom. I got food poisoning from an Egg McMuffin and had it coming and going from both ends. I prayed for death, the pain in my stomach was so excruciating. I gave up meat shortly after that incident (but not for that reason).

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A few times when I was afraid I was going to throw up. It’s more like I fell asleep in the bathroom, not that I really meant to sleep the night there.

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Yes, seated on the loo with my head resting on the side of the tub. Some kind of food poisoning had exhausted both ends. Eventually I was tired and faint and dozed off.

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Wept, yes. Slept, no.

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No, never. I have no problems sleeping on floors but I think sleeping in the tub would be hard as I could not stretch out and I probably couldn’t sleep on my stomach either (my typical position when I sleep).

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There are two bedrooms up stairs. A large one, which my son claimed and a smaller one that my daughter claimed. The smaller one has a door to the bathroom. There is a 2nd door that opens to the stair landing, so it’s a second bath, but no one but her was allowed to use that bathroom.
One day my daughter came down with a 24 flu. She was sicker than hell, vomiting, diarrhea, the whole nine yards. It only lasted that one day but it was awful.
Next day little brother came down with it. At one point he was collapsed, exhausted, on the floor in front of the toilet up stairs.
My daughter saw him, and instead of ordering him out, her face softened in sympathy and she said, “He can sleep on my bathroom floor if he wants.”
It was one of the nicest things she’s ever done!

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The last time I had the stomach flu I basically did.

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I once fell asleep/passed out whilst sitting on the commode. I had taked a vicodin for my back, got up, did my business, fell asleep and fell off the toilet! Scared the heck out of Mr. tedibear. I woke up the next morning and laughed at how ridiculous that must have looked as it was happening.

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Dang it! I just saw a typo in my answer.

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I’ve only fallen asleep in the bathroom a few times after vomiting.

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It must be so boring in Canada.

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Yes, many times…... after being shit faced. I have woke up in the tub, kneeling at the toilet (because I puked….ALOT) and even fell asleep sitting on the toilet…and fell off.

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