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What would you miss the most if you lost your significant other?

Asked by Inara27 (1877points) May 14th, 2015

By lost, I mean through any means (death, divorce, breakup, murder (jk), etc.).

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Phew! Touching wood this won’t happen. His understanding, love, support, the fact that he leaves plenty of space for me to breathe. His amazing honesty, humor and that he is discreetly ever-present pushing me to reach my potential. There is more but I will be typing for hours!

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Missing someone intelligent that, I have trust and faith in, to talk to. Having a relationship with someone who has my best interest at heart.

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Someone to talk to who understands my jokes, and the words that I say. Someone to share adventures with, meals with, time with.

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Her love, understanding, laugh , and her constant push to be the best I can be, I don’t know how I would even cope if I lost Mrs Squeeky, this may sound selfish but when the time does come I really hope that I am the first to go.

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Well, I did. there’s much I miss and much I’ve gained.

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My best friend.

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I’d miss having someone in my life that knows me better than anyone else.

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Let me get one first, then I will get back to you…...

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@janbb, I am so sorry. My motivation in asking this question was from what I do when I am angry at mine or frustrated at the world, and wondering if it is all worth the trouble. Whenever I reach such a point, I try to think of what I would miss if I lost him. It allows me to re-focus and realize that the anger/frustration is temporary and the love is what lasts.

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@Inara27 Thanks. It’s ok. Still hurts like hell at times but it’s ok; I’ve found out what I am made of. And yes, I wish there had been something I could have done to make it work.

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The smell of smoke wafting from the kitchen, that’s okay though…we have staff for that.

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Nobody else would get that I’m spontaneously and out-of-the-blue channeling Austin Powers within two seconds of me doing my moves. I just did this while lying in bed listening to some music that was totally unrelated to Austin Powers. He got it. Instantly. My husband gets me and accepts and loves me as I am, regardless of how silly, cranky, ridiculous, serious, philosophical or whatever I am.

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The number of things I would miss if we were to part ways would fill a book. #1 would have to be his inquisitiveness and its boundaries.

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It’s nearly impossible to put into words. The wife has this incredible effect on my jaded and cynical self. She has this stern and severe ice queen exterior, yet any space she occupies purrs “cozy and comfy”. I’m not kidding. Whenever she threatens to go away for a few days on excursions with girlfriends or visits to Sonoma relatives, I forbid her to change the sheets on the bed til she gets home.

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Someone to have meaningful/less, ongoing arguments with.
I hope we soon reach the Ralph and Alice Kramden stage, and I’ll be good.

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@janbb soldier on brave penguin!

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@stanleybmanly Thanks. I do – in a waddling kind of way.

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I would turn evil and be inconsolable.

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