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Are you scared of ouija boards?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36625points) May 19th, 2015

I’ve had a few health issues in the past and I wanted to answer the phone tonight with “The party you are calling has passed. Please contact me on your Ouija board” and it weirded everyone out. Is that too strange?

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Yes. They creep me out. I used to play with one as a teen, but all the scary movies portray them as conjuring up the hubs of hell.
Yes, that was too strange.

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I need to rein in my wild side sometimes. I had a response started and it would have hurt you. My apologies.

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@ragingloli That was hilarious!

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I don’t believe in ghosts or spirits nor do those boards freak me out. But there is a certain charm and magic involved in messing with them with friends. Just set it up at night and try to get into it, it can be fun.

It’s like, think of some scary story or urban legend or wtv. Not scary, right? But next time you’re in the woods at night, think of that story again. Just do it, chances are it will actually creep you out.
Same with Ouija boards…although it is inevitable, someone will eventually spell out the word penis and claim that Mephistopheles did it. But it’s all part of the fun lol.

Point is it’s fun, and reminds me I still have an imagination.

lol penis

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Haha, no. Nothing paranormal scares me because I don’t believe in the paranormal. If I see a ghost without being under the influence of mind altering drugs I’ll reconsider my position.
I do, however, appreciate dark humor so I would have laughed at your message.
Infact, I was just in the grocery store when the theme to the Twilight Zone started playing…WTF was up with that?
Oh noooo! lol

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No, but the spelling scares me.

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No. I’m actually sad that mine disappeared. I think my mother threw it away.

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I find it strange that so many people put much stock into something that was first introduced and marketed as a parlor amusement.

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We had a Kreskin’s ESP Game when I was a kid. It was kind of like a ouji board. We thought it was a hoot. I’m not superstitious or religious, so it’s just a game board.

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The one I received as a child was a gift from some forgotten relative. It had “Parker Brothers” on it, so obviously it was a game. Friends and I played with it to no avail of conjuring up any answers or spirits. I take that back…one time we used it to call on the spirit of a classmate who was killed by a car while walking home from school. The planchette didn’t move, but a picture fell off a wall in the room.

If I were to call and hear your recorded message, it would make me laugh. It’s understandable why others might find this unsettling. When in doubt, sometimes it’s better to go with the more rational thought than gut reaction.

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It’s certainly not the most terrifying toy Hasbro sells.

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Nah, sounds like they mght be a laugh.

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I think your recording’s funny. :)

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No, but I’ve never tried one. Seems like pointless superstition to me.

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Yes, Fuck those things.
Except the Ozzy Osbourne Ouija Board. I want one of those!

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