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Ring question?

Asked by SilentlyLogical (134points) July 17th, 2008 from iPhone

Silly question for girls…

Say there are four guys in front of you. Each are equally hot and have great personalities. All of them decide to propose to you at the exact same time. The first one proposes with toy ring worth 25 cents, the second proposes with a ring worth 50 cents, the third proposes with a diamond ring, and the fourth guy proposes with a ring pop.

Who would you marry?

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The one that you were drawn to. If you turn this around even if there are four women equally hot and with great personalities, you would find yourself more drawn to one or more of them. Haven’t you had the experience of knowing someone great, but there was just no spark there?

The ring would make no difference.

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I’m trying to make the focus ON THE RING!!!

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I get that, but it didn’t feel equal enough for me. OK, in the spirit of the question then.

1. Not the diamond. I don’t like them.

2. Not the ring pop. It attracts bugs after it gets wet.

3. The 50 cent toy ring is overpriced.

So, the 25 cent toy ring for me.

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If someone is just giving me a ring, I’ll take the diamond.

If there’s a man attached, this question does not have enough information.

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haha i love nikipedia’s answers

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I feel obligated to say something about not wanting blood diamonds now, but worried someone out there will call me a hippie.

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@niki Not to worry. There is no blood on hypothetical diamonds. BTW, I gave you lurve too for that great answer.

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the guy who proposed with ring pop! How awsome is that! The ring pop serves 2 purposes really: it tastes yummy and u can wear the plastic ring part after ur done. ;)

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mmm… U people are taking a hypothetical question too seriously.

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The ring doesn’t make a difference to me, it’s the person giving it.

I’m down with no blood diamonds, niki.. call me a hippie if you will, but if you take a look at the diamond trade, it’s pretty sick. You can get synthetic/lab-grown diamonds that are the same thing, with a lot less human mistreatment.

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I like the ring pop too. I think it’s sweet. But the bugs and it getting sticky is a concern.

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I’ll take the 50¢er. Not the cheapest, not the most expensive, and it won’t get ants. =)

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I’m supposed not to answer, but, if the guy is hot + has a great personality… mmm I don’t think is a possitive way to describe a person… about the ring, u just can’t decide who would accept just beacuse the ring the person is giving, I know is a hypothetical question, but I find fhe approach a lil’ bit superficial…

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@flameboi I totally agree that the ring itself doesn’t matter and that it’s the person you’re with. I married my husband with a cheap ring, heck the thing cracked clear through the band and I still wear it. We plan on replacing it with something that’ll last someday but for now it just doesn’t matter to me.

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I would pick the ring with the biggest boobs. cēterīs paribus

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JP: Hahahahahahahahahaa.

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ryan, you missed the point. everyone is equally hot, thus equal sized boobs :P

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I said “the ring with the biggest boobs.”

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oh… The premium ring.

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Definitely the ring pop! I’m making a BIG ASSUMPTION here, but I would want the guy with the sense of humor—as long as he is a great guy in other ways, too. Humor in a marriage is a wonderful thing to share, and I’m not talking about sarcasm or the kind of humor where there is a hidden slam to the other person. Laughter is SO, SO IMPORTANT in life!

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Great point Linda!

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Hang on now. Are we saying here that I could have given my wife a ring pop and gotten the job done just as well. Ok, why didn’t anyone tell me this at the time???

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@asimpletest Hmm…a clue.

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e. None of the above.

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