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We have a Reverse Osmosis and every few years we have to replace the bladder in the tank...(rest in details)

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19407points) May 31st, 2015

And would like to know why?
We have soft water feeding the RO, we replace the filters on schedule, and still every few years the bladder in the pressure tank fails and we have to replace the tank.
Is there anything that can be done to extend the pressure tanks life?

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If there is chlorine in your water, that could do it. You may want to change your pre-filter in your RO to something with activated carbon. You may also want to have your RO tested to make sure it is still working correctly.

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If you have a well your pressure cut-in and cut-out settings might be set to too large of a spread. I used to set mine at 45psi cut-off and 30 psi cut-in. Not very high pressure but things lasted forever. Some pumps are set to 60 psi and 40 psi. Over the years the setting might drift. check it.
If you have municipal water make sure your regulator is working. Don’t have it set to the maximum. Restrict it a little so line variation does not affect you. Your plumbing will thank you.

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