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Can you get a urinary tract infection if you don't pee after sex?

Asked by Jude (32134points) August 27th, 2010

Fact from fiction, truth from diction (bwahaha!)

Is it true?

And lots of cranberry juice, right?

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I believe there are other things going on…bacteria mostly. I’m not a doctor, but your urinary tract, in order to have an infection, has to be a breeding ground for such. Yes…cranberry huice, lots of water, and there are other helpful things.

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Urinating before and after will help prevent getting any infection Fact!

But Not so sure than not urinating will guarantee getting an infection though, i’m no expert on the matter.

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Cranberry juice, more water than you want to drink, lots of vitamin C, (most of it is flushed out in your urine, and it really helps heal stuff while it’s in the bladder) and Dolomite pills (from the health food store). Avoid alcohol and caffeine during this time, it makes it worse (I don’t know why, but I remember that. Didn’t like that part) I had chronic bladder infections after being catheterised often during cancer treatments. I found the water thing to be the most helpful. Good luck with all that!

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If you are prone to UTI’s then utinating after sex will help avoid getting an infection. Many many people don’t bother and don’t get infections.

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I recommend showering or in some other way “washing up” afterwards.

Had a few g/fs who would get them after particularly “busy sets.” One day we read something and the g/f at the time and i started showering after, never had the problem again.

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My gf always talked about getting them after having sex after not having sex for a prolonged period of time. So when we first got together, but not since. heheh

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Not urinating after sex should have no bearing on whether you contract a urinary tract infection.

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The cranberry juice helps, as does lots of water. I haven’t seen any reliable scientific info that peeing after sex helps for women or men.

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I think peeing before sex is probably the ticket, also, the bladder is more flexible then and less likely to get bruised from…er…enthusiatic activity.

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@JilltheTooth, at least we can say for sure that it doesn’t have to be during sex, so that’s a relief.

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I remember reading somewhere (but don’t know how accurate it was) that the girl being on top can introduce bacteria into the urinary tract and peeing after such sex can help to flush it out. I also read somewhere that having a full bladder contributes to better orgasms.

Please feel free to look up the truth of these statements, because I don’t have time right now! :)

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This is the NUMBER one cause of UTIs for me. Regardless of how the sex is.. (position or otherwise) if I do NOT urinate after sex, I get a UTI… like clockwork. Just how I am (or maybe has something to do with the penis size of my partners?). Have a good look at the female underside and you will see that our urethra is in the vestibule of the vagina. It’s no wonder that the action happening around the vagina affects the urinary tract. I think some women are more suseptable to this ‘backwash’ entering the urethra and causing UTIs. I have no choice. I have to just pee and can’t roll over and sleep.

Now, you know more about me than you wanted to know.

As for the cranberry juice, I can acutally tell you what this is and how it works. There is an enzyme in cranberry juice, that if taken pretty regularly, will coat the surface of the bladder. This coating has the amazing ability to keep bacteria from adhering to the interior of the bladder and thus acts as a deterent to UTIs. It’s NOT completly reliable because the consumption has to be at a certain level. I think there might be pills out that promise the same thing. But if you feel a UTI coming on, you may be able to prevent a full blown onset of it by drinking loads asap. I’ve done that, but more often than not, it just delays the real pain until I get get to my doctor.

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People develop a urinary tract infection (UTI) when bacteria or other microbes camp out in the urethra and start to breed. Bacteria can come from the digestive tract or from an outside source that comes in contact with the urethral opening. Urine is sterile, and the more one urinates, there’s better chance of removing the bacteria.

There are plenty of medical web sites that discuss UTI. Here is one.

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I am pretty much like @cazzie . I have greatly improved my UT health by going after sex EVERY time.

Also, I drink lots of cranberry juice. I find that raw juice works the best, but few people can stomach it. I’m totally odd and just love it. I think the added sugar—even from other kinds of fruit can greatly cut down its effectiveness.

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Here is another link…this one from the Mayo Clinic site on prevention tips. The previous two pages talk about drinking cranberry juice as an alternative medicine and ‘lifestyle and home remedies’.

So, the answer to the original question is, yes, you can, but it’s not a guarantee and there are also other things that can cause them.

For those of you that feel/know they reoccur from sexual activity, you may want to read up on the types of birth control that tend to cause more flare-ups and be tested for an STD.

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What if you don’t have to pee? I don’t think it’s an automatic thing.

Cranberry juice – good – always.

Pomegranite juice – better.

Drink lots of fluids before the sex, enjoy it even more. You’ll see. Plus, you’ll have to pee after.

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@tedd when you shower you do not clean your urethra. The point of peeing is if you had some bacterias pushed up your urethra during sex that your body is not happy with, urinating helps to expel them.

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You can get it even if you pee, too.

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You can get a UTI regardless of if you use the bathroom afterward or not if bacteria finds its way in. Just know the early symptoms so you can get antibiotics. If you let it go, even a couple of days, it’s very unpleasant. Symptoms are VERY frequent urination eventually with burning, along with blood in the urine. The blood will make it pinkish.

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Yes and yes.

Bacteria in the wrong place is the cause of UTIs. Sex can help bacteria get into the wrong place. Peeing after sex helps flush things out and get rid of any bacteria in the wrong place.

Cranberry juice seems to help fend off an oncoming UTI. I prefer to take cranberry pills because cranberries are pretty tart and bitter by themselves and are almost always diluted with lots of sugar or sugar substitute.

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You can get 100% cranberry juice, no sweeteners —no grape or apple juice at Trader Joes for $3.99. It’s one of the only places I can find it AND one of the only places that actually sells raw cranberry juice (it IS from concentrate.. but it’s still pure and not mixed in with other juices. I believe that there is one that’s not from concentrate, but its 6 bucks or so.)

I have a weird sense of taste because I actually prefer it raw. I can’t stand my cranberry juice to have any sweet in it at all. I like it tart and bitter. But if you don’t, the pills are an acceptable substitute. I do have friends who say the juice is tolerable if you drink it like a whiskey shot.

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Yes. Peeing after sex can help flush away any bacteria that might have entered the urethra during the act.

I’m prone to getting UTIs and have to be cautious in regards to penetrative sex (sorry if that’s TMI, but I never get them unless I’ve been engaging in that activity). They are such a bitch and they pretty much instantaneously turn horrendous, so I avoid them at all costs. I’ve had a couple of really bad ones that I’m certain would have killed me if antibiotics weren’t available.

I got tired of having them and finally asked a doctor why I got so many and how I could prevent them. The doctor said some people have shorter urethras, which makes it easier for bacteria to travel up into the body. She advised me to pee before and after sex. In addition to that, I started using condoms on sex toys to keep them cleaner. Both things have seriously cut down on the number of UTIs I’ve gotten in the past 5+ years.

They also say you should wipe front to back, and the doctor told me that the culprit can sometimes be tampon strings, if they end up downward touching the anus, the bacteria can travel up and invade. How to prevent more UTIs.

As for remedies, if you’re going for cranberry juice as a remedy, I’ve always heard to get the lowest sugar content possible, as the sugar will help feed bacteria and yeast in your system. Cranberry pills are an option, but I can’t vouch for their efficacy, as cranberry has never helped (I have to go straight to the doctor for antibiotics).

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