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Can a bladder explode?

Asked by rebbel (31513points) April 13th, 2010

When i was young(er) my mother told us that when we hold our pee too long our bladders could/would explode.
Last night i waited a bit long to go to the toilet and this myth(?) came up in my mind again (For your information, i waited a bit too long, but i made it to the loo).
So, what does happen when a person holds his pee forever?
Can a bladder really explode, or does the body has a mechanism to make sure we loose our urine, no matter what?

Serious answers please, funnies are welcome too.

Edit: changed bladders in to blathers.

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oh boy

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No, it cannot explode, but if you are constantly straining to urinate (as when you have an enlarged prostate) you can get pockets of weakness that distort the shape of the bladder.

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As my anatomy teacher explained this, once your bladder becomes so overfilled (assuming you haven’t accidentally pissed yourself), that it can’t hold any more liquid, it can potentially pinch itself closed! Which is when invasive procedures (inserting catheters) must be preformed…no I’ve never heard of it happening in real life; but then again, I’m not the teacher lol

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You mean bladder?

I guess a blather could explode into a fight, but it seems unlikely.

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Of course, if you continue to blather on and on incessantly, the poor person listening to it may explode in frustration :D

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You mean pull a Tycho Brahe? :D

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The main problem with holding your urine for too long is in the long-term effects it can have, I think.

Problems can come from never holding your urine too.

It’s best to just go soon after you feel like you need to. No need to rush, but don’t hold it for too long on any regular basis. Holding it uncomfortably wont hurt if you have do it only every once in a while.

You would probably pee involuntarily before you injure yourself while holding it off.

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I think you’d piss yourself when the pressure built high enough.

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A friend’s mother was in a serious automobile accident and her bladder ruptured. It took hours to get the vehicles pried apart and the victims taken to hospitals. My friend’s Mom was seriously ill for sometime, with uremic poisoning and kidney damage. Her Dr later told her to always empty her bladder before getting into a vehicle. Better to make it a habit and act on the urge rather than put it off.

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It won’t explode all by itself. But if you get in an accident or get hit with a full bladder it can then rupture. And like @YoH said it can do lots of damage then.

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well, the frog bladder exploded in biology…...but we poked it with a probe and swung it around the room.

Take care of self, baby…..

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Found an article about it here for you.

It is usually only caused by traumatic injuries.

However holding your urine too long can cause urinary tract infections because bacteria tend to like to start growing after 4 hours or so. Prolonged periods of holding it too long can cause “overflow incontinence”. The bladder muscle is stretched for prolonged periods and becomes weakened.

You are pretty safe.

There are always exceptions. For example if you have nuerogenic bladder, have had a bladder augmentation surgery and a Mitrofanoff stoma, we’re talking a whole different situation. I assume you are normal and do not have any serious pre-existing conditions and surgeries, or you would have been informed about the risks.

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I wouldn’t choose that ability as a super power.

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Absolutely. If you have a full bladder and then are in a car accident, your bladder can rupture. It’s a major cause of morbidity in trauma. I know a surgeon who always pees before she gets into a car.

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Yes. We see male cats that have a urethral obstruction who’s bladders have become so full, they rupture. (Imagine that painful feeling when you wake in the morning and have to pee, but you try to wait because you don’t want to get up. Now add 12 – 24 hours to that. It’s an incredibly painful, life threatening illness and we see multiple cases every week.)

We also see trauma patients that have a uroabdomen. The most common are dogs that have been hit by a car.

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