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How long does it take for Japanese cell phones to transition over to the U.S.A. on avarage?

Asked by intro24 (1434points) July 17th, 2008


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They have IR for zapping phone numbers, contact info, micro-payments. They include little slots for dangly little personal doo-dads. (source)

So far, it would seem like never, based on what’s offered here. I mean, I’ve got the coolest little pocket watch that I’ve been dying to attach to something besides my pocket.

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Wayyyyyyyyyyy to long. Ive been waiting for this phone to come out here, supposedly next this month its being released, but its been out in Japan for over 5 years and theirs has way more features. How in the hell do we have such a delay and then lose features once it finally gets here, shouldnt we have more? But no American phone companies blow.<glares at verizon>

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Good question. Cell service was every where else with the nice phones we have today, back when the big clunkers with the 5 pound batteries were introduced here. Tho’ I do have to say my MotoQ has IR.

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Aahh…forget Japan; look at what the Koreans are putting out in their markets…IMO they’re at least 3–5 years ahead of the curve. You can thank American Telco for that (man I’m in a cynical mood tonight!!)

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electronics esp. in japan are on average 2–3 years more advanced than that of their US contetparts. I phone in Tokyo would take a min of 2 years to reach new York, one of our more advanced cities

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Hey look at that new Samsung that Sprint has out. It’s been available in Korea for the last 5 years according to the news article I read a few months back.

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