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Is there anything I can eat that would make me less attractive to mosquitos?

Asked by lapilofu (4325points) July 17th, 2008
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I think they just like you as a friend

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Ugly mosquitoes.

For the love of God, please do not actually do this.

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I’ve been on many trips to Mexico and South America where the mosquitos are plentiful. The most effective remedy I have found is to take garlic pills. They don’t make your breath smell or anything like that, but it does help repell the mosquitos.

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In all seriousness, some good answers can be found here.

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onions! anything in the allium family!

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garlic and onions also repell people… Guess they’re a multi-species pest control..

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I don’t know how badly you want to repel mosquitoes but maybe I can help. Before 1980 mosquitoes would bite me quite often. Since the summer of that year they’ve pretty much left me alone. What happened to me in 1980, you ask? I came down with hepatitis. So, if you are serious about keeping these pesky little bastards away, eat out at the most disgusting greasy spoons that you can find and swim in public pools often. Using gas station rest rooms frequently couldn’t hurt, either.

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Whatever you do, don’t eat bananas. They will attract mosquitoes to you.

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LOL! That’s what I was going to say. Actually anything high in potassium not just bananas. I remember as a child growing up in Hawaii I was always told to go light on potassium rich foods so the mosquito’s would stay away.

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Mosquito’s are attracted to anything that has a fruity smell, that includes hair products and makeup. You should stay away from them when going out. I’ve heard that eating spicy foods like beans should repel Mosquitos.

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Oh and was it dark clothing attracts them and light clothing they don’t like. Something like that any way.

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I found some of the common remedies discussed or debunked on snopes.

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I believe its the light colors they like and the dark colors they stay away from…

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