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Yummy camping recipes? good campfire food?

Asked by occ (4083points) June 15th, 2007

One of my personal faves is to wrap potatoes and onions in aluminum foil and leave them baking overnight in the embers of the campfire, and eat for breakfast. I'm wondering if there are any other delicious (vegetarian) camping combinations that I should know about??

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curry coucous with veggies and nuts

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chili. you can make it before and bring it with you.

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Ok, everyone knows s'mores right? But I just learned about Banana Boats:
cut open a banana peal, long-ways, and stuff it with pieces of chocolate, marshmallows, and peanut butter (or whatever else youlike), then wrap it in foil and stick it in or next to the fire. In just a couple minutes it will be tastey and gooey!

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thanks, simongtr! that's exactly the kind of thing I was looking for...unusual campfire combos...can't wait to try it. Anyone have something else like that? someone told me that you can take an orange and carve out the inside with a knife and spoon (leaving the peel hollow), then fill the orange peel with dunkin hines cake mix and water, wrap in tin foil, and put in the fire..apparently itmakes orangey cake, although I haven't tried it yet.

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I like the way you are thinking, occ.

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fresh corn on the cob cooked in foil right in the fire, add butter to taste.

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Go for a long hike before dinner. Anything will taste wonderful.

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Make a PBJ, spread butter on the outside bread, fry in a cast iron skillet over the fire with another heated cast iron skillet on top to "press" the sandwich. Nirvana.

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For desserts, try chocolate graham crackers, roasted marshmellows and a big reese peanut butter cup! The choc graham crackers, I think you can find it at Safeway. It is yummy!

That is cool about the orange!

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I go camping in New Zealand a lot and here is my favourite camping recipe. I take a little bit of fishing line and hook, use a piece of meat for bait, drop it in the nearest fresh water and catch an eel. After cleaning the eel I just bury it in the embers of the fire overnight and in the morning I have a delicious breakfast. It tastes just like KFC.

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Get some aluminum foil cabage leaf to line everything with(and to eat) and add potatoes hamburer steak chicken carrots broccoli and anything else you might like them wrap it in the foil. Make sure they aren’t more than 2–3” thick other than that make them what ever size. Cook them in the embers of the fire or charcoal for 20–25 min on each side. Good eatin!

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Who camping has time to cook? I go to have fun, fishing, playing music, drinking good cold beer, swimming, etc. If I gotta eat, get me a hot dog on the end of a stick over the bonfire. I’m happy.

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For lots of great camp food recipes, find a copy of a Girl Scout cookbook from the ‘60s

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