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If I have to move from one place to another, approximately 50 feet east to west, with an antenae on a trailer, how do I set the antenae to the new position? (WiFi Tower reception)?

Asked by Redfox007 (6points) June 9th, 2015

I have an antenna for my Computer, which is a WiFi link to the tower. It is pointed ant an angle South Southwest from where I am. I will need to move to another mobile trailer, and I want to avoid paying expenses for getting the work done. How can I take the antenna from the one trailer, and mount it either on the other, or on a pole and get the proper alignment?

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How far away is the tower? Do you know exactly where it is?

You need a meter that can show the strength of the signal. As you aim the antenna you look for the strongest signal, that is where you lock it into place.

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