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Has anyone see Girl Talk live?

Asked by jballou (2128points) July 18th, 2008

I’m wondering what his live show is like since so much of his music is based on sampling/mixing

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I didn’t see Girl Talk myself, but he performed at my college last year: most people who went to his performance really enjoyed it, but I’m not sure precisely why. It was in a dance club.

Presumably it would’ve been less enjoyable if there hadn’t been room to dance?

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I saw Girl Talk at the Metro in Chicago and loved it! He’s intense and it doesn’t stop for hours, working directly from his mixers and computer set up on stage. He invited the audience to surround him, and people danced until 4 am. I myself wasn’t on the dance floor – not my scene – but thoroughly enjoyed myself regardless.

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girl talk came to my school and it was nuts. the police tasered a guy who refused to put his clothes on, the show was removed from the venue due to the rowdy behavior, and it picked back up in a frat house where girl talk agreed to continue playing… It was wild. According to him, he’s had people have sex on the stage while he was going, soo I assume it’s pretty awesome. It’s a nice mix, and it’s like live DJ-ing. I dig it, but I can understand some people not so much.

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