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What is your favorite concert that you've been to and or seen on YouTube?

Asked by cletrans2col (2395points) August 29th, 2015

I haven’t been to a concert in a while (last one was DMB) but I do like to search and find live concerts on YouTube. Right now my favorite show to watch is Rammstein when they were in France several years ago:

What’s your favorite?

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Bachman Turner Overdrive around 1975 or 76. I was way to young to be there and way to stoned to remember much but I felt extremely cool at the time.
I gave up getting stoned a few years later.

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Porcupine Tree
September of 2009
I saw them live, but here’s a video that I wasn’t at :p

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Tool. It was a unique experience, because Maynard stayed at the back of the stage the entire time, no lights on him at all. I was completely obsessed with Tool in my early 20s, so it was great.

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Rory Gallagher on ⅓0/1976 with Ted Nugent as the opening act. My ears are still ringing!

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Maybe Pink Floyd sometime around early 90’s, or Rolling Stones around same period.

I remember when you could see a concert for about 12 bucks in the 80’s. Those were the good old days. Now a concert is about 150, which is usually too much for me (I can afford it but think it’s too much to pay for a concert).

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Iron Butterfly. A long time ago.

The drum solo in “In a godda da vida” was incredible. As the drummer started, the other members took off their instruments (that they really knew how to play) and sat on the floor around him His shirt was off and the spotlights highlighted the sweat flying as he pounded the drums. I could feel the beat in my chest.
No tricky special effects “audio photoshopping” were required. Raw talent did it all!

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Bruce in 1976 at the Carlton Theater in Red Bank, NJ. I wasn’t a fan before that; after seeing him, I was.

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@DrasticDreamer :: I was dragged to Tool for this show.

My sister had a spare ticket and I was dragged along. At the time I was into NoFX, Screeching Weasel, Descendants, Bad Religion, and Op Ivy.

But favorite concert is probably the Beastie Boys in 1996 in SF.

Favorite from youtube are probably Propaghandhi in France.

Interesting thing from this. The power goes out and people remain calm. And around 25 minutes in a guy goes up on stage to hand out a bottle of water and signals for people to take a drink and pass the bottle around. Nobody gave a shit about about drinking after anyone.

And RVIVR in Japan.. Looks like a good time for all.

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David Bowie in the mid to late 70’s. Best concert I’ve ever been to.

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I spent much of my time when I was younger at very small clubs and saw some amazing bands (and got the crap kicked out of me in the pit). I’m not sure I can pick, but I had an amazing time at Ramones, Fugazi, Bad Religion, Pop Will Eat Itself, Bad Brains, Nine Inch Nails, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Meat Beat Manifesto, Revolting Cocks, Swans, Sonic Youth, Circle Jerks, Barkmarket, The Dead Milkmen, Think Tree, The Feelies, and many more – including countless all-ages local shows.

I can’t name a favorite. I had so much fun at all of these. Especially now that I’m older, I enjoy my music consumption to be in the non-live form. But when younger, the whole experience and chaos of the live show was where it was at.

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Rolling Stones, at the Cow Palace near San Francisco, July 1975.

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@DoNotKnow: Oh yeah I saw a bunch of Ramones concerts at local colleges and in NYC – lots of fun!

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@DoNotKnow I agree with you. Some of the best times I have had were at small venues with local bands.

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I just watched this awesome acapella version of “Hotel California.”

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Just reading some of these responses is making my jealous-meter explode!

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Jimmy Buffett at Blossom Music Center. Not so much because of Jimmy, but because it was such a fun time with friends. The Beach Boys at Sherkston Beach in Ontario for the same reason.

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The best concert I’ve been to was Nightwish and Sabaton together. Dream Theatre was a very close second.

Of the artists that most people would recognise, Slash and Toto were incredible.

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James Taylor and Carole King
“Live at the Troubador”

Simon and Garfunkel
“The Concert in Central Park”

I wasn’t at either but wish I had been. Both of these contain many of the iconic songs of that era. A real nostalgic trip down memory lane. Their voices and musical styles blend so seamlessly.

In addition to YT, occasionally my local PBS station will play them on a Saturday night usually once a year at least.

I can listen to either of these concerts multiple times over. They are that good.

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@Buttonstc I saw JT and Carole King about 5 years ago in Madison Square Garden doing a Troubadour reunion concert. We were in the last row of a big hall but it was fantastic! They were just wonderful together and separately.

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That’s great. They are both such excellent musicians and their harmonies blend so well.

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Lollapalooza ‘91 Chicago

‘93 is a very close second

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