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Now that Donald Trump has all but wrapped up the Republican nomination by declaring his candidacy, would you care to help him select a running mate?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) June 20th, 2015

I shameless stole this question from today’s NPR broadcast, but they only allowed the 3 guest panelists to answer.

I open the question to Fluther’s wit and wisdom.

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The obvious answer is to give Sarah Palin another shot.

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Maybe one of our members.

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Sarah Palin is too modest. She hates the attention and the spotlight.

Clearly Bristol Palin is the most qualified candidate.

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I’ll do it.

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Trump should decide it via a reality TV show, where he gets to kick candidates off with a catch phrase.

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Aaron Clarey.

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Neil Young, uhDUHH

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Position secured, his fucking hair #hairspray #ozone layer

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William Shatner. Edit he’s Canadian. I would pick Dr. Phil. Or Larry King. The governer New Jersey Chris Christy. Mitt Romney is the old standby just in case.

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Hammy from Baby’s Blues.

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“Dr.” Oz, Greg Abbott, Tony Abbott, Butch Otter

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Would his hair be running separately?

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It would be very interesting to see who he would pick. I think it would be another businessman. Or, a Miss America. I’m not sure.

@talljasperman Awwww, I love William Shatner. He’s reason right there to allow people not born in the US to be President.

@reijinni As much as Dr. Oz turns me off he is a well respected heart surgeon when he’s not in TV.

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Surely there’s a member of the Kardashian Klan available to play that’s Republican? Why not draw on all that free media-savvy advice.
Imagine the drama when the VP candidate is compelled to visit the reality TV show. Show? What am I thinking? K.B. Jenner could ask if there are any male pattern baldness secrets/treatments that would be mainstreamed by a successful President Trump.

Promote, promote, promote.

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I would not know anyone stupid enough to want the opportunity.

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I nominate Eric Cartman as most Trump-like in disposition.

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Caitlyn Jenner? She sure knows how to make the media jump and shout.

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Seeing that imaginary Vp. Is open then I would pick Lex Luthor

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Alf? He’s from Melmac, so I guess that disqualifies him, and Trump is a stickler for birth certificates. The hair would be a good match though.

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Alf was really into eating cats….PETA would never approve.

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I think Sara Palin would be a great fit with the Don.

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Rosie ODonnell.

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^ OH, let’s hope never).

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He’s already got a running mate. His hair.

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I am still waiting for that great evidence he claimed to have found, that proves that Obama is a space lizard from space.

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LOL! Politicians today don’t need facts or evidence to believe/say stuff is true or false.

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@Pachy That is very true, but the problem is they expect us to believe it as well, and that I find offensive.

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Why not Tiger Woods? That way, The Donald could avoid mussing up his hair on the golf course by having his Veep play golf for him.

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Trump has publicly announced that he wants Oprah to be his Veep. She has defiantly told him NO.
Which leaves Sarah Plain and tall.

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I stand with believing he should choose Rosie. They have a looooong standing relationship which should really keep him on his toes. Plus, there would be prizes.

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@filmfann Every senator look under your chairs.

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The only person dumb enough to yes to being his vp would have to be Ann coulter.

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@cheebdragon Ann Coulter or Michelle Bachman…

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Dennis Rodman!

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So, it is 3 weeks later, ol’ Trump still has it wrapped up, or did someone trump him?

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Well Butthead needs a Beavis. I would pick Jerry Springer.

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Seriously I would pick Jesse Ventura.

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Cersei Lannister

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