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What type of shoes do you wear in prison?

Asked by Rememberme (661points) July 18th, 2008

What type of shoes do you wear in prison/jail?

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There’s no particular style that’s used in all prisons. Some issue work boots, some allow tennis shoes in addition to the standard issue shoes, others use steel-toed work shoes or brogans, and I even found a reference to “orange colored boat shoes” issued at federal prison camp. It seems to be decided by each individual institution.

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I usually go for flip-flops.

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As jmbm mentioned, basically shoes without laces.

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I don’t wear any shoes in prison as I’m not in prison.
I can tell you though, if I were in there I would wear some really good running shoes. And I’d wear them everywhere, even in the shower.

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flip flops
slip on shoes

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I suspect any kind you can put on or take off without bending over….

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When I was in jail we wore orange flip flops and orange scrubs. The penal facilities that use flip flops do so because contraband is often concealed in shoes.

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Depends on whether you’re the husband or the wife!

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True. But I can see how red pumps might clash with jumpsuit orange and one’s gang tat.

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Just add a hot pink scarf and wear as a clashed-warm-nuances outfit…

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Is there a “slang” name for the loafers with just a bit of elastic on the sides. Perhaps, something on the lines of “jane”.

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They’re called Ben Dovers.

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i think they are called marsha bradys or something simmilar

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