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Is there anything that you, personally, think is an abomination?

Asked by Kardamom (31415points) June 29th, 2015

Maybe what you find to be an abomination is based upon your religion, and maybe it’s not.

What things do you personally find to be an abomination and why do you think that?

Try to remain calm and polite when responding to other people’s abominations. Use logic and your inside voices. Don’t make the Mods have to come over here.

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Racism, sexism, the hatred of anything different.

Because a lot of ugly problems come from them.

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ISIL, Boco Haram—all terrorism.

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me nekkid + full length mirror + working eyesight = abomination

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Any and all forms of child abuse.

I don’t imagine I have to explain why.

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Animal abuse including dog fighting.

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First I needed to get my definition of abomination right. I went with “1.anything greatly disliked or abhorred. 2. intense aversion or loathing; detestation”
Based on that I go with: People praying to their deity for insignificant personal gain – and saying it worked when their wish is granted. (I actually have heard the following comments.)
“I prayed that they’d make the touchdown before the 4th quarter.”
“I prayed that there’d be a parking space close to the entrance.”
“I prayed for sunshine today so we’d have good weather for the party.”

I want to scream “Do your really think your deity considers you that important?! Right now, people are starving; kids are being kidnapped, raped, and murdered! Homes are being flooded; refugees are trying to cross deserts under blazing sun – and you have the unmitigated gall to think your “close parking space” warrants attention?!”

As I pull into the parking space, I say nothing and silently scream these thoughts to myself.

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In Germany, I ordered some phở and it came with shredded carrots in the soup.

That’s just wrong, dude.

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@wildpotato What else do you think they feed cows?

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Or running out of beer and pizza at the same time. Good god, have mercy. Or playing the Stones at a low volume. Cranking them right now.

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The abominable snowman

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Racism. I have a 1 strike policy for people of my generation. Nothing further to do with them. (I am slightly more tolerant of younger/elderly people but will tell them that I don’t want to hear them say things like that. They get 3 strikes)

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Betty White’s vagina…not so golden anymore :(

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Yes. That people (still) believe in a Supreme Being. “God,” or whatever name they call “him” by.

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There are so many: the televised beheadings in recent years, the Holocaust… no shortage here. It almost seems one must actively push them away to make room for good things in their day.

The small, singular abominations are more manageable emotionally for me, especially if they are removed by a few years. I ran across a most interesting one this morning: The very strange story of six year-old Edgardo Mortara, an Italian Jewish boy living in Rome in 1858, who was baptized “in extremis” (A Catholic canonical provision conducted in an emergency, often by a non-cleric, to save an otherwise “worthy” person’s soul. It is rarely performed.) by his fervently religious nursemaid while in the throes of a serious infantile illness. Word of this soon got to the local priest. Canonical law once more stepped into the boy’s life when he was kidnapped by Papal Police and taken to the Vatican on the grounds that no Catholic can be raised by non-Catholic parents (the Second Vatican Council of the 1960’s has since softened this rule).

Despite the desperate pleas of his parents, the boy was legally adopted by Pope Pious IX himself and lived in the Pope’s chambers where they were often seen playing “hide-and-seek together in the evenings. Edgardo spent his days in the House of Catechumens where he was forcibly instructed in the Catholic faith. The world was outraged; no less than twenty editorials on the subject were published in The New York Times, and both Emperor Franz Josef of Austria and Napoleon III of France begged the Pope to return the child to his rightful parents, all in vain. As he got older, Pio Nono kept Edgardo cloistered in a monastery, where he was eventually ordained as a priest in the Augustinian order.

Fr. Edgardo Mortara spent his priestly career being sent to various countries as an emissary of the Church. His job was to convert Jews to Catholicism. He wasn’t very successful. He was, however, known as a master of diplomacy and of many languages. He died at the Cathedral seminary in Liege, Belgium at 83 years old in 1940.

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@ucme that is purely speculation and hearsay, you do not know for sure.

The only thing I find a real abomination is religious self righteousness that ignores the Divine’s love and attempts to condemn others.

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Dairy Queen ice cream birthday cakes. I hate them. Hurts my teeth.

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With a wink and a chuckle I must say that I’m amazed (and grateful) that no anti-Obama quipster (like myself) has made the obvious pun on his name.

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@Adirondackwannabe The stuff in the article I linked to. Plus the whole feedlot corn thing.

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@wildpotato Agree, feedlots are bad. But most farms don’t house cows like that. Around here are mostly dairy farms and grass fed beef operations.

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@Adirondackwannabe Thankfully, I live in a similarly cattle-friendly environment now, but back in my home state out West, perhaps not so friendly. And most of the beef I see at my local Price Chopper is not grass fed, despite the plethora of local grass fed operations.

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Yes, those tend to be the “factory farms”, whether cattle or poultry. Not nice, and a lousy end product. I haven’t been in Price Chopper in a long time. I’ll check the labels next time and see what I can find.

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@tinyfaery I saw someone put mayo on a hotdog Saturday.

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@zenvelo Thankfully, I think you’re right

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Illness, poverty, unemployment, homelessness, loneliness, depression and exploitatiom. Oh and politics.

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Child abuse and molestation.

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@wildpotato And most of the beef I see at my local Price Chopper is not grass fed, despite the plethora of local grass fed operations.

How much of the beef at the “Price Chopper” comes from outside the US?

@Espiritus_Corvus That sounds like it might have happened in Torquemada’s Inquisition-era Spain.

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Drinking cows milk. How in the f did this get started anyway. Why is this not gross? You would think drinkng milk from a human to be less gross but it’s not.

This leads to another: American cheese. It is neither cheese and should not be associated with America.

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Sigh. First world complaints about food.

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This man The fact that children are growing up listening to this “preacher” makes me want to cry.

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Pedophiles, to Hell with them.

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@Symbeline I have absolutely no sympathy for child molesters, but I feel sorry for those who have pedophilia. There are many pedophiles out there who just want help with their mental illness and don’t want to hurt anyone. But society deems them as evil, so they don’t end up seeking help.

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The fact that the child abuse answer got less support than the dog fighting answer.

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Followed closely by Kabul

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That the dog fighting issue got more GA than the child molestation one is probably due to the fact that it’s close to the top of the page. The top answers get noticed more than the ones that come after.

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The child abuse answer is right above the dog one.

Yes, they are both terrible.. but I was just initially appalled by the imbalance of lurve given the material.

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They show the sane number of GAs. Both got 5 from what I can see. I know I clicked GA for both of them but @Dutchess_III hadn’t responded when I was here earlier and as she quite rightly says, her post is further down the list and now in the middle of the field of responses.

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Light beer and Amish potato salad.

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Sane should be same!

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$5 cups of coffee. (another First World complaint about food LOL).

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Artificially flavored Chocolate.

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1. The exploitation of any living thing against its will.

2. Discrimination based off of anything other than how much effort some one puts into something (I.e. Getting a promotion over another employee because you put in more effort)

3. The definition of how we should act/be/look/feel being based off of “society” and the general public.

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What do you consider exploitation, @bestbroseph? Keeping a dog as a pet? Teaching a dog to sit, stay, come, even it it’s “against its will?”

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@Dutchess III, I tried to use a broad term, but that’s not quite exploitation, as you get nothing in return. And in hindsight, maybe that wasn’t the best choice of words, but I’ll go with it. So to exploit, lets say a person, would be to trick them into doing something or getting something from them and them ending in harm or in a worse state than they started out in. In other words using someone. I also put torture in this category. Cruelty to animals falls here as well. And don’t even ask about plants, yes they are alive, bit they’re is no evidence yet that suggests that they are sentient.

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Whoah! What just happened here?

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Brexit and the racist motivation promoted by the people behind it.

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Any country that has gravity-propelled weaponry is a bomb nation. ;-p

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