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What are some good things to bring to a Music Festival?

Asked by RedmannX5 (814points) July 18th, 2008

I am going to the Mile High Music Festival in Denver, CO this weekend (July 19th & 20th) and am making a “things to bring in my backpack” list. It’s going to be pretty much too whole days of amazing music…and I’ll be on my feet probably the whole time… in 95 degree weather. What are some good things to bring, especially things that people wouldn’t think of unless they’ve actually gone to a long music festival.

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Extra socks and underwear, sunblock, sunglasses, aloe, chapstick, earplugs, Kleenex, a well-padded backpack that can double as a pillow/cushion, chewing gum (altitude sickness), comfy sandals and shoes, hand sanitizer and/or liquid soap (if they allow it), deodorant, cash…for starters.

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@pete, yeah that’s always someone’s job I suppose hehe…

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A hat would be good too. Maybe a plastic bag or two to keep trash and things in. Oh, and don’t forget a lighter.

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The “ten essentials!”

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All of the above plus baby/soap wipes, a camera, and a ground blanket. And electrolytes.

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Toilet paper!! <- can not stress the importance of that enough
Cereal bars – great snacks that don’t get messy or need to be kept cool
Wet wipes – don’t expect to get to water to clean your hands
Squirty bottle of drink – they don’t let you bring in bottles with caps, but if you take the lttle plastic top of the squirter off before unscrewing and tossing the cap, then turn the little plastic top upside down and push in to the neck of the bottle ;)
Extra socks/undies

Also: dress in layers! top/t-shirt – shirt – jumper – raincoat.

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Wow your going to be over packing hardcore.

All i ever bring are
clothes for the weekend(bathing suit if you know they have a lake or something)
a case of water
sleeping bag
a tent
some munchies(like chips/pretzels simple stuff)
at least 5 lighters(you’ll lose half of them, or people will just walk off with them)
and of course plenty of drugs to last the weekend. ^_^

I dont know what kind of music festival your going to, but if its anything like bluegrass or something related, i suggest you bring your instrument if you have one, because you’ll be up all night around a fire with random people playing.

Have fun at your music festival RedmannX5. I cant wait until my next one this september ^_^. Its like your in a whole other world when your at them.

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At past festivals, I can tell you what many of the people around me apparently forgot – deodorant!

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