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Where can I watch the original episodes of Get Smart free online?

Asked by dingus108 (228points) July 19th, 2008 from iPhone

I haven’t seen the Get Smart original show in the longest time and I’d like to watch it again.

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There are several on YouTube.

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I was a kid when this show originally aired and it was one of my favorites. They sometimes rerun them on NIck or TVLand, but it’s nice to see them up online as well. Thanks for asking the question.

If you are ever in Washington, DC, be sure to visit the International Spy Museum. It is really well done (when I went, some got dragged along for the ride, but walked out REALLY having had a great time). LINK

It is a fun interactive museum and puts in context what the show was spoofing and even has an exhibit on the show as well. Going through it will give you even more of an appreciation of the show.

Did you see and like the remake?

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yeah i did see it, and i loved the remake. can’t go wrong with steve carell as maxwell smart! steve is just the best candidate for the part

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I usually don’t like remakes, and I was almost afraid to, but I really enjoyed it as well. Glad to hear it. I loved the cameo by Bernie Kopell as well.

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oh wow! Thanks popo! It’s about time tv-links came back!!

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