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What is your favourite genre of music?

Asked by lugerruger (785points) July 7th, 2015

I’m just trying to see what genre of music is most popular among fluther users. So, the question’s pretty clear, what’s your favourite genre of music?

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Classical. I heard three new-to-me amazing pieces today. Here was one of them, Quant’z Flute Concerto in G.

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I love all music. I love Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, I’ve seen AC/DC four times. It all depends on my mood.

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Folk music (singer/songwriters) is my favorite genre.

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Industrial, which is like metal mixed with either techno or dance.

Viking metal, more aptly named folk metal or pagan metal. Doesn’t always have Vikings a a theme, but long pic short, includes various metal types with attempted folk music. Lyrics may vary, but usually includes fucking shit up.

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Lady Gaga

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That’s a tough one to answer, I don’t really have a favorite genre. My all-time favorite genres are art rock, indie pop, baroque pop, folk, psychedelic rock, punk-blues, electronic, progressive metal, alternative hip-hop, neo-soul, bebop jazz, and experimental rock.

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Anything feel good to my ears will be fine. And they tend to fall into the categories of jazz, pop and non-vocal.

I even listen to movie soundtracks, if they feel good.

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Before I had the internet, I had a 200 disc CD changer. It was loaded with everything from popular music of the 20’s & 30’s, to big band, some Crooners, Etta James, Ethel Merman, Pink Floyd, The Reverend Horton Heat, Tom Lehrer, Ween, Black Crows, Crash Test Dummies, Patsy Hank Johnnie & Willie, Randy Travis. Glorious, like having my own radio station.

Initially, I thought Rap showed promise with Rapper’s Delight and Run DMC, but soon turned against it.

I’ve never had anyone in my life that had an appreciation for classic music, and therefore never developed an interest.

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I like anything but listen very little to country. Music I listen to on the way to work will be different then music I listen to when driving on vacation or other recreation, when I’m not stressed out and more open to bluegrass or blues or something quirky. Music I listen to on a Saturday night will be different than music I listen to on a Monday morning. Saturday night might be classic rock or disco or freestyle or new wave or alternative, whereas on a Thursday night if I’m going shopping it might be an indie station with whatever they are playing.

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I listen to pretty much everything.
But I have a soft spot for punk and goth.

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My tastes are pretty wide ranging but you’ll find plenty of heavy metal in my collection. Mostly melodic death metal because the musicianship is top notch. I love classical guitar especially as a solo instrument. I’m also into stuff like this and this I have casually played guitar for like 25 years so good guitar work always tops my list. Electronica like this and this is also something I like if it’s done well

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Nasal flute & the hauntingly hypnotic pipes of pan.

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I’m more about beat and instrumentals, so a lot of the music I like has no vocals at all. I like a faster tempo than most classical has, Trans Siberian Orchestra’s neo-classical style being more my thing. I lean more towards good guitar/bass or trance. Maybe a little old school metal where the drums and guitars are mixed rather prominently. I also like Slipknot as they are twice the size of most bands and thus can get more complex arrangements than bands with only half the number of instruments can pull off without sampling.

The only real exception is Steampunk. but even that is percussive and a bit up-tempo.

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Country, specifically country-rock or country-pop (Reba McEntire, Dolly Parton and some of the more modern artists like Miranda Lambert and Kacey Musgraves) but I also enjoy the more old fashioned styles like Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash and also Bluegrass bands like Della Mae.

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Epic Music! Seriously, it’s a real genre. Check out Two Steps From Hell and their amazing collection of Epic trailer music.

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