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Whats in your opinion best and worst music genre?

Asked by Koxufoxu (224points) 1 month ago

whats the best and worst music genre in your opinion and why? In my opinion I think best is rock becuase of many great bands, artists and great influence on whole music. And worse is noise music, just becuase of how painfull to listen some of tracks can be

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I like all music types especially the older music. I listen to classical, country, blues, jazz, blue grass, rock, big band, funk and much more.

So called music that has no melody only someone reciting poems with a drum beat with someone pounding on a keyboard is not music. That is some other art form.

“Music is sound but only good sound is music” – Unknown

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I like everything as I got older.

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Objectively, there’s only one bad type of music: country.

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Rap, pop, country, Schlager, in no particular order.
Not too fond of Jazz, either.

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My least favorite genre of music is “bro country”. The forced country accents attempting to sound sexy, absolutely make my skin crawl.

My favorite genres are folk, bluegrass, classical, jazz, soul, art pop, indie rock, post-punk, psychedelic rock, progressive metal and alternative hip-hop.

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Something with a good beat that I can dance to. >8^) ahhh…the good ole days

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Best? Classical. Worst? Rap, if you can call it music.

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I love jazz music. I can really get into the swing of it. I listen to a little rock. I love classical. I listen to our local classical station in the car. I strength dislike country.

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Experimental Jazz I can’t stand.
Most other genres I like, c.q. love.

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I only care about the quality of the music, at least as how my ear hears it — so, it’s entirely subjective. Genre is less important to me.

That said, the only genres I’ve struggled to find anything I like is Reggae and Thrash/Death Metal.

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I like folk music, some classical, some jazz and some rock. I don’t like Country and Western.

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Depends on the kind of rap you’re talking about. There are many hip-hop groups out there that have a lot of musicality and lyricism to them. Not just mumbling and swear words

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My iPod is loaded with music from nearly every genre, except Rap, which I detest.

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Bad music crosses genre’s unfortunately. Pop country is really made fun of a lot here.

@filmfann Did you miss the 80’s? How can anyone hate ALL rap?

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Which so called music genre’s specialty is hate toward women? That’s the worst.

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@filmfann: Here’s a 90s’ one that is more melodic. Check it out.

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@KNOWITALL @jca2 Rap started long before the ‘80s. I was just never a fan.

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I like wierd Al Yankovic’s music parodies, and I like instrumental with no singing. I hate most music with lyrics and singing.

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I don’t know if I have a ‘best’. I’ve been really entranced by electro swing lately…but that’s just because it’s new…well, new to me. And so because I haven’t tired of it yet, I’m over-doing it.

Worst for me is a battle between rap/hip hop and country. Both hurt my ears and I will actively grab the steering wheel from you and yank us into a tree to escape either.

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