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Do people still wear tie dyed shirts?

Asked by LostInParadise (25210points) July 15th, 2015

I came of age in the 60’s and I remember occasionally wearing these shirts. It seems there was more talk about them than actual wearing. I recall articles on how you could make your own. Since that time I have not seen any being worn. I have a tie dyed shirt that I got over the Web which I wear to sleep. It seems oddly suited for that purpose. I would never leave the house wearing it.

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I see them, I do not know if they are true tie-dyed shirts or printed to look retro. Most of those I have seen had printing on them as well, so it was more commercial than hippyish.

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I do. Deal with it!

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I see them, maybe 2–3 times a year, usually at outdoor festivals.

It’s a dying (or dead) art, which is too bad. Some of them from the 60s/70s were well done.

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Tie dyes are fairly common in my house. My kids tie dye their own white t-shirts dye during the summer, so they have a ton of them.

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Yeah, I see them all the time in the Midwestern US. On all ages, and from tourists to townies, rural to city. I don’t think they’ve ever totally died out…they’re too fun.

My brother used to make some awesome shirts back in ‘the day’. He used white Tees, really tightly wound rubber bands and liquid dye put in re-purposed home perm bottles. Once the shirt is dry, I think you set the color using salt water, then wash. You can re-band new patterns and remove the color you added using a mild bleach solution. If the bleach is too strong, it may cause small holes to rot. A short lived shirt that’s cool in more ways than one.

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I’m wearing a tye dyed sun dress right now. I’m the old hippie chick from the 70’s with flair. haha
My dress is so cute! It is purple on top with amber beadwork around the neckline, fading to lime green in the middle then gold and then watermelon pink at the bottom with more beadwork. I love indian clothing and wear little hippie dresses every day in the summer.

Here ya all go…flashback to the 70’s…this is a gem I just discovered last night, get your tye dye on and gather ‘round folks. haha

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People make their own and the are sold already dyed in stores. They were more popular about 5 years ago.

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Here in Oregon you can buy them everywhere.

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Yes. I also just saw some in the current Sears catalog.

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I do. I love tie dyed stuff. I even got my 9 year old nephew a tie dye kit for his last birthday. He and my SIL made some nifty shirts.

I also own a leather fringed vest and a pair of white zip up go-go boots

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You did not know me in high school then. Used to make them also

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Tie dyed clothing is alive and well in Asheville, NC

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