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OK, I cracked the glass on my phone, what are my options besides buying another one?

Asked by srmorgan (6768points) August 1st, 2015

I cracked the glass, fumbling for the phone when it was out of its case.
It is pretty well cracked. Works fine, hard to read some parts of the screen, worried about glass shards.

Anything I can do short of tossing it in the trash and buying a new one?
It is a Droid Turbo, purchased last December



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Get it fixed. I don’t know where you live, but here in Atlanta there are numerous places that do cell phone repairs. My daughter paid around 60 $$ to have hers done.

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Try ebay. There is this that might work. But you might want to find someone to replace it since it looks like a pain in the ass.

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Verizon Wireless see if you have an insurance policy.

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put some clear sticky tape on it.

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Get it fixed = = = a new one is $500.

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@elbaditoorso Great idea. Found several local places on Google, requested estimates and checked yelp.



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And buy a “shield” for your screen. Many of them come with free replacement guarantees for the life of your phone.

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Have you contacted Motorola? My wife broke the screen on her Moto X twice in 2 weeks. Each time, they charged me $99 to send out a replacement. Once I received the replacement, I had 2 weeks to return the broken phone. The Droid Turbo is also a Motorola phone. Maybe they have the same service for that phone as well.

kevbo's avatar also has parts and tools.

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You can get sheets of adhesive plastic to cover the broken screen and hold in the glass. My phone is due for replacement, but I broke the screen before going on holiday and I was quoted AU$120 to repair it. I’d rather have sticky, clear plastic over the screen that cough up that much on a now out-of-date phone.

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