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Would you recommend staying in the DownTown area of Las Vegas?

Asked by LuckyGuy (39454points) August 4th, 2015

I know most people stay in “The Strip” area – big fancy hotels with casinos, bars an shows. None of that interests me. Sorry Vegas!
On the other hand, Old DownTown seems like a funkier, more interesting section and it has inexpensive hotels. I figure that is more my speed.
Has anyone here stayed there? I’ve read TripAdvisor and get such mixed reviews they are almost meaningless.
Do you have any suggestions? I’ll be there for 3 nights and 1½ days.

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I have driven around there, although I haven’t stayed downtown.

It’s funky, dirty, seedy, and I found it a bit dangerous – put it this way: I had no problem walking around on and around the strip at 2:00am – felt entirely safe. I wouldn’t have had that same feeling about downtown – even though as the crow flies they’re only a couple of miles apart.

Will you be gambling? Sightseeing? Convention? The city bus system is pretty good.

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No gambling or drinking. Just a meeting and a little sightseeing. I’ll rent a car.

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Never been there, but I’m still trying to figure out how you do 3 nights and 11/2 days?

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Sightseeing – > take the trip to the Hoover Dam.

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Arrive late the first night (Night 1),
Spend most of day doing what I have to do. Maybe half day sight seeing (Night 2)
Spend Free day sightseeing in Vegas (Night 3)
Leave early in the morning.

The Downtown area looks so interesting…
I’ll check and see how long Geocaches last there.

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Only a serious engineer could come up with that. :)

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I just checked for caches on or near Fremont St in the Downtown area

Cache name: Date placed | Finds | Comment
Blue: Jan 2011| 306 |Please use caution and travel in a group.
Not a safe place for travel bugs.
Neonopolis: Apr 2015 | 77 | please take time to enjoy Fremont Street Experience after logging the cache.
Lazy Daisy: Nov 2008 | 843 | Be careful – although there is a strong security presence – this area can be dangerous!

I glanced through about 100–200 comments from Geocachers and not one mentioned having a problem There are 12 caches within a 0.5 mile radius with an estimated average placement date of 2008 to 2009 (some since 2002!) Every cache has been undisturbed.

None of this gives me info about hotels however.

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I’ve been to Las Vegas 3 times but never to the older part. I’ve been to the strip and also spent a lot of time driving around the area looking at houses (for fun, not seriously looking to buy) and seeing the local flora and fauna. If you have a chance in your rented car, take a drive up to Mount Charleston. Only a short ride off the strip but when you go to the top, you’ll find the lakes iced over. Very peaceful feeling and odd that it’s so close to the downtown. You can see from Mount Charleston where they did the nuclear testing in the 50’s, off in the distance.

On the strip, if you are into being daredevilish, go on the rides at the top of the Stratosphere Tower. They have some great rides. You don’t know the thrill until you’re on them.

On the strip, just appreciate the architecture and attention to detail of the casinos. Each one has an atmosphere of its own. I don’t gamble but I do appreciate Las Vegas for being so different from the area I live in. I have a relative that lives there and I think they get jaded because it’s really an adult playground. Everything is so new and nice and luxurious (at least on the strip it is, and the surrounding housing complexes). There are a lot of bad, seedy areas in the surrounding areas, as well.

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Some locals have suggested The Grand.

It’s located next to The Mob Museum and Fremont Street Experience.

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Having been to LV two times and never experiencing downtown, take this response with a grain of salt. Based upon your interests, choosing a hotel in the downtown location seems like the right way to go. It’s cheaper and closer to the geocaches that hold your interest. Tripadvisor can help you locate the right hotel that meets your needs and is in your price range. If I were to go there again on my own dime, I would stay somewhere between downtown and the strip and either hoof it or take a cab vs. renting a car.

If you are a complete geek, The Strip is worth a visit, even if it is for only an hour or two. There are plenty of sites that are free but make you feel like you have experienced what the city is about.

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This is from another local. When I say local I mean born, raised and still living there: “The Fremont Street experience area has lots of ‘entertainers’ who wear next to nothing. Let him know just in case he doesn’t want to see that.” :)

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@LuckyGuy: When you are on TripAdvisor, check the “Travel Forums” in the Las Vegas section. They have Q&A and discussions about topics such as these. Locals and travelers alike will answer and discuss anything from what restaurants are good, weather, safety, etc. You can post your own question if you don’t find something specific that meets your needs.

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I LOVE it. I like how much older and preserved it is instead of all the high-end new shit stuff going up right on the strip. It’s so nostalgic feeling, as some of the hotels predate the ones on the strip. I got much less of a touristy feel when I was in that area, and it definitely felt shadier outside of Fremont street, but I felt okay in the area. It’s a lot different from Nomansland, Upstate NY :) You can at least lock your hotel room door.

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I’m just going to throw in a recommendation for one of my favorites, which is the Pinball Hall of Fame. It’s well off the strip and down Tropicana toward the airport. For me, $10 and an hour or so playing pinball machines from every decade going back to the 40s is good times. Definitely try the Orbitor and the circus one.

To answer your question, IDK too well. Fremont is seedier, but I think it’s probably better for no frills gambling and the 99ยข shrimp cocktail experience. The Palace Station (or one of those station hotels) has a few locations and shuttles running among them.

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^^The station hotels also have some pretty good deals on their buffets.

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One person on FB commented that the downside of the Fremont Street area is that they have a light and music show which you will hear from your room, and so if you want peace or you want to get work done in your room, it may be an issue.

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I am at the Downtown Grand – on a high floor in the tower on the west side. This hotel and area is awesome!!!
There is some much street music and neon. I love it! So much going on every place yo look. For dinner I had the $9.99 Prime Rib dinner that was deeelicious. I couldn’t eat it all.

Thanks for the recommendations!

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I’m a jealous Jelly. Have fun and don’t come back without the deed to your house!

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@LuckyGuy Dirtbag. :) Enjoy the good stuff.

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Thanks! This area is eye opening. My neck hurts!

I did move my wallet to my front pocket to make it more difficult for pickpockets.

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