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Anybody else think Gary Oldman looks like Ned Flanders?

Asked by Kay (1608points) July 20th, 2008

I’m specifically referring to his character of Lt. Gordon in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. He has the mustache, the hair, the glasses…he looks like Flanders! Do you think anyone realized this while the movies were being made? It seems like a really strong resemblance to me.

Side by side comparison:

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Maybe the mustache and the glasses but their skin color is completely different

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Is this a serious question?

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Omigod yes! yes yes yes! hahaha I knew there was a reason I thought he looked familiar when I was watching it :P way to go!

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Gwen Stacy dies, Maude dies… who knows, maybe some plot lines will intertwine… Joker with a t-shirt bazooka?

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@trumigoodboy…... gwen stacy is from spiderman -_ -

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retracting joke…

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My thoughts exactly. I mentioned it to my son during the movie.

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I just saw the movie, and yes, he does!

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I never really thought about it before, but in the Dark Knight..yah. He actually does.

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