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You've just lost a bet. And you're told you have to run down your street tonight in the nude. How old are you, how embarrassed or nervous are you all day, and are you blushing and covering with your hands during your run?

Asked by daniela51382 (21points) August 25th, 2015

Also, what is your gender, and how body confident are you?

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I’m almost 56, female, and no way in hell would I expose myself these days. Roll back the clock to 40, maybe. I’d have to go with truth over dare these days. lol

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Been there, done that, in my 20s.

I’m over 55 and look it. I am comfortable with my body – and I couldn’t care less what other people think when they look at me. If it weren’t illegal, I’d be naked almost everywhere.

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61, male, fairly confident. I’m covering my face so nobody will see who I am.

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Older male and moderately body confident. If I made the bet and lost, I would, um, hold up my end.

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I would be like a “member” of blink182.

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I would not be stupid enough to make such a bet in the first place, not even when I was in my 20’s and looked like a Playboy model. It doesn’t have to do with body confidence, it has to do with self respect.

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^^^^^^^ What she said. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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I would spend the day covering myself with camo makeup. I might have to go naked, but anybody who might notice me would still not know just what had they seen.

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I wouldn’t have any reason to make a bet as stupid as this in the first place.

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This question is supposed to be research for a novel the OP is writing. I would be really interested to know the circumstances surrounding such a bet. Are the characters an innocent young girl, easily manipulated who is taking the bet, and a “worldly” male who is making the bet for his own gratification?

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Embarr-ass-ing factor on a scale of 1–10. I’d say 6. Less embarrassed if the person viewing me was closer to my age. very embarrassed if I was being scanned by a 20 something. Hey, just because your body is still fairly decent for your age doesn’t mean you want to bare all to the world. haha

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NA, I would’ve never made such a bet, even when I was younger. Female and confidence has nothing to do with walking around naked. I didn’t even like walking around naked in my home in my 20’s with just my husband and I loved to shower with him. It just feels too weird and I like keeping my privates private.

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I would never make a bet like that. If somehow, I was coerced into making a bet like this, I’m afraid I would renege on the deal and offer my apologies. I would never run down the street in the nude. Just wouldn’t happen.

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I just do it, laughing so hard I can hardly run anyway.

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