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Fluff time: large cat vs tiny dog, which is better to possess?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26834points) September 14th, 2015

When you look at it, there is not much difference in a tiny mutt (rat dog, or purse pooch) and a large cat. Neither can defend your property, and they are good in the lap. However, a cat won’t necessarily like being cooped up in a purse, if he escapes the yard, unlike a rat dog, he/she can find their way back. You don’t have to walk them, and if you train them to go outdoors you don’t have the box. OK, they both shed depending on breeds. In many ways an ”ankle bitter” is like a cat you have to walk, because you can’t just open the door and let them go take care of business knowing they will come back at some point asking to be let in. Large cat vs. small dog, make the case why possessing one is better than the other?

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Large cat. They are more affectionate.

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Tiny dog, no doubt about it! Just know that it will need a lot more care.

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For a man, a large cat.
Less chance of tearing.

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cat, or medium or large working dog.

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I own cats. I love dogs of all kinds but my lifestyle prohibits it. I am not home for about 10 hours per day, minimum, and it wouldn’t be fair to any animal to have it in a crate for that long.

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Mostly we call those little dogs bait.

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Large Cat. Tiny dogs are too yippy for my taste.

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A lady should never own a big pussy…ever!!

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Large cat. Small dogs are high maintenance, tend to be manic and yap too much.

Cats, on the other hand, are self reliant, do not need to be walked on a leash when outdoors, and do not mind being left home while you go off to work.

@ucme Why not?

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Simple. Dogs dont purr.

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Definitely a cat. So much less trouble. A small dog requires walking every 4–6 hrs. or so.

It forces you to be more faithful in all weather conditions than even the fabled postal service.
Rain or shine, hot or cold, snow, sleet, storm or hail shall not stay these couriers from their appointed rounds.

And that high pitched yippy bark is enough to drive you crazy.

In the past I’ve had dogs but they were German Shepherds and their deep bark sent shivers down the spines of potential evildoers. I’ve had huge hulking strangers cross to the other side of the street because they didn’t want to get anywhere near my GS even tho all he was doing was a deep low growl. He was also smart enough to know that was unnecessary for anyone whom I greeted with a friendly tone.

So at least all that walking, rain or shine was worth it for the protection factor.

But a little dog? Next to useless. Give me a cat any day. The total opposite of high maintenance :)

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction: A cat is better because they are quieter and more personally responsible for themselves.

Cats can be noisy when they run around, but large cats stop running around like that at an early age.

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Cat. No licenses!

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Dog. No hairballs!

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Dog owners have to keep track of the time so they can go home and walk the dog. As a cat owner, that’s never an issue.

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Cat by far, and I have one just like that. A 17 lb. drop dead gorgeous Tuxedo Ragdoll, and he is smart, loving and better than any damn little dog. haha
Cats rule, dogs drool.
Just look <——— at my beautiful guy.

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@Kraigmo Fact from fiction, truth from diction, I just hadda lurve such a great answer :-D

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Have you given consideration to a tiny cat

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Big pussy

Small dogs are yappers. I hate yappers.

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