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When will they bring out flip around album art in itunes?

Asked by theycallmefred (4points) July 22nd, 2008

I was just wondering, if anyone knows why apple haven’t brought out the filp around album art for itunes which is seen in coverflow in the ipod nano, touch etc?!

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Click on View > Cover Flow View. Is that what you mean?

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No, i know how to get cover flow alright. Maybe i didnt explain very well. Whilst in coverflow mode on the ipod nano, for example, clicking on an album cover prompts an animation to spin round the album cover and shows the songs for selection on the back. I thought that they’d have brought this out quite promptly for itunes, as it’d be very useful especially while in full screen coverflow.

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I was wondering that too, it would make Full-screen coverflow so awesome! I expect they might incorporate a feature like that in the new iTunes, but for now we’ll have to make do with just double clicking to play the first track. In the future I expect Apple will make touch-screen computers, so a feature like that would make your computer into a giant iPhone.

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Giant iPhones, scary thought

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i was wondering that as well, i mean, when i go into full screen (+f) i can’t see the listing, which is damn annoying, let’s wait and see…

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It would just make sense, i mean, how hard can it be?! I think theres been 3 itunes updates since they brought out the technology on coverflow. Thouch screen would definately be cool, I’d simply have to buy a 30” display, mount it on the wall, and have a giant jukebox for my bedroom…

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