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Did the Popes address to Congress have anything to do with the timing of Boehners departure?

Asked by rojo (24159points) September 25th, 2015

I know he was not happy and planning on leaving but he got kinda emotional during the Popes speech and he considers himself a good Catholic. Did some things the Pope said provide the impetus he needed to make it happen?

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I was going to ask the same thing. Yes I think it is related. I only watched clips on the news.

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It’s hard to say, but given the hammering he’s been getting from both sides, I could see him wanting to quit regardless.

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Only he knows the real reason but I would guess that maybe the Popes visit reminded him of Luke 16:13, “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.”
I think he realized he was being torn between God and the money lenders that pull the political strings. So I think he decided to choose God. But then again it could just be coincidence and he simply tired of the whole political game. But many people say he really is a devote catholic. So maybe the Pope renewed his faith and it gave him the strength to get out.
But that is only a guess.

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Maybe he will run for president. Or maybe he is hoping for a Vice president shot. What is the cut off for declaring ones self for president?

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The optimist in me wants to think his heart was convicted.

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The pessimist in me firmly knows that anything that happens in the lime light of our Federal Government was planned, scripted and rehearsed well in advance to get the biggest bang for it’s buck and I do mean buckaroos as Boehner with his connections stands to rake in MILLIONS upon millions now working as a lobbyist for some financial firm. His crying fit the other day was all about where do I put all this money!

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You are speaking about the leader of the same Republican party which tried to cause trouble by inviting Benjamin Netanyahu over to speak to Congress, without proper protocol.
Perhaps John was waiting for his assured private Meet n’ Greet with the Pope. Now, he’s finished.
He’s from Ohio.
What do you expect?
The Governor; John Kasich, is running for President.
He’s a Republican from Ohio also.
Do Not hold Ohioans responsible for those two!
We tried to say there was a Presidential race on Mt Kilimengar-o…. but he didn’t take the bait.
Sorry. We gave up.

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I too would like to believe that after praying with the Pope Boehner recognized that he could not serve two masters.

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He’s a very conservative guy
He is also a pragmatist
The voting numbers to keep him as speaker were such that he would have to start dealing to get votes from the democrats which would have compounded his problems with the republican right wing
As a matter of principle he didn’t want to do that
As a practical matter he didn’t want to do that – it would have made the house even more dysfunctional than it is , and the issue would have affected the presidential debates.
If Cantor had kept his seat, Boehner would have quit sooner. He has served Ohio 8 for almost 25 years. That’s a long time to the same thing everyday.

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The fact that he entered the room singing a Disney tune makes the whole thing look staged to me. He had my benefit if a doubt on spontaneity or altruism, then it just looked like another stunt.

The Democrats should can Pelosi as a goodwill gesture.

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@ibstubro Though I agree Pilosi and Reid should all do a Congo line dance with Boehner out Congress for good….the only problem I have is they all will just take an Uber ride over to “K” street and wind up doing more damage as Lobbyists!

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Boehner woke up Friday morning and realized he had nothing more to accomplish as Speaker. He had gotten the Pope to address Congress, and now was faced with dealing with the snarling hyenas of his own party who would rather tear the flesh of a fellow Republican than reach a compromise within their own ranks.

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@zenvelo I do appreciate the context of your comments, but anything that got passed in the House was because of Boehner. He was not the obstructionist many prefer to paint him as. He knew how to compromise and McCarthy will show us Conservatives how to give away store.

I find it amusing that so many loose sight that the House controls the purse strings and yet the debt just keeps growing and growing under their watch!

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I think there is no connection. I think Boehner simply grew sick of dealing with the crazies.

If you don’t loudly proclaim that Obama is a Nazi Communist Muslim Kenyan, you can’t win a GOP House seat these days.

The insane far-right faction is in control of the GOP.

It’s great entertainment for normal people.

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The crazies were going to oust and replace Boehner with one of their own. It’s better to walk away, with dignity still intact, than to be tossed out.

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Looks like maybe it was because of family. Apparently his younger brother just died today they say of natural causes. Maybe he knew he was sick and dying and it made him take stock and decide to retire and try to enjoy the time he has left.

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@Cruiser I agree, and that is why so many in his own party hate him; the fact that, despite his own opinions, he maintained enough professionalism to at least try to keep things moving, and in the process, displayed courage is opposing the party leadership and his more radical brethren. I still don’t like him, but I do respect him.

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