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What is one of many lessons life has taught you to never do again?

Asked by Pandora (32192points) September 27th, 2015

I asked my husband to buy a bag of potatoes and to make sure they were not so ripe that they would have to all be cooked in a weeks time.
So he actually found a bag of green potatoes. Ugh!

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Date a crazy girl. Pay someone to teach me something I can just Google.

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Put too much trust on immediate friendship. I’ve been in casual occassions, met some people who seem really nice, had a good time with them. And then after the day they become strangers, ignoring me even when I had their numbers, as if I have never existed.

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Do not ever, EVER EVER EVER say the words, “It can’t possibly get worse.”

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Never follow nor trust the judgement of anyone spouting the virtues of patriotism.

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Here2_4 : You made me laugh out loud. Thanks, I needed that.

My life lesson to Never do again- Put myself last, and the needs of all ahead of my own, in all things.
that and
“don’t count your chickens before they hatch”... it’s true, I’ve counted and counted and not a single chicken yet!

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Eat an uber hot pepper, especially if it is a dare.

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@Here2_4, So true. Along with the words, I can’t believe how smooth traffic is flowing. We may actually arrive early for once.

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Never go into a rain soaked 20 MPH curve at 45 MPH and floor the throttle. It works at 40 MPH, not so good at 45MPH.

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Don’t stick the plug from and Electrolux vacuum in your mouth while the other end is in the wall.

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Fight a land war in Asia; now I wish others would learn that.

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Drink tequila ever again,that was bad scared I was going to die then got real scared knowing I wasn’t.

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Never trust a bully. Don’t think you’re safe just because they like you… For now. Sooner or later, you’ll get in their bad side.

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Running the deck sander over the power cord is never a good idea.

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Never ever fire a .50bmg without hearing protection.

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Never make a cut with a power saw unless you are positive you know where the power cord is.

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Never get involved in a business partnership. Never wait on a man.

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@cazzie Harsh, how about waiting on a man and then he waits on you?

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@cazzie Truer words were never spoken. I just had to fire my partner in July.

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Never, EVER EVER EVER go into business with a friend if you value the friendship.

I used to think the same about a romantic relationship, but my present marriage of 27 years and counting started as a friendship.

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To add to the above, never mix business and personal relationships at all, when possible.

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Yes but, if no one is waiting on anyone, how will they order their dinner?

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Remarry. Work full time. And about a million other things.

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