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How do I forward emails from one sender to someone else in Gmail?

Asked by Stinley (11505points) September 30th, 2015

I want to forward all emails sent to me from my daughter’s Scout group to another friend because the Scout group are useless and can’t seem to add him to the email list. I use Gmail. I have worked out that I need to set up a filter. When I open the filter form, the Forward To tick box is greyed out and the option is to set up a forwarding address. But when I click on this, there are two problems. I have to enter the email address of my friend and then he has to confirm this. Why? Also this page looks like it is for forwarding all emails not just specific ones. I understand that once the email address is confirmed I can complete the filter and send on only these specific emails. However I am worried that my other private emails will end up going to this friend – I, of course, don’t want this, not even for a short time. So can I do this or just give it up as a bad job and try to remember to forward manually?

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In Gmail settings, click on the FILTERS tab and see how you can narrow it down to the ones you want to forward.

Specifically you can filter on from / to / and words in the subject or body of the message.

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Sorry @elbanditoroso but I already explained that I got to the filter stage but have a problem adding the email address that I want to forward to

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Very cool. Thanks for teaching me something new, I had no idea those filters even existed.

I have a second e-mail account (“Account B”), so I just added that as a forwarding address. Account B received the request for confirmation which you mentioned. I confirmed, and was then able to tick the formerly greyed-out box in account A. I told Gmail to filter and forward anything with “Brownbear” as subject, and added that anything containing the word “Anti” should not be forwarded.

Account B did not receive any old messages, or any incoming messages without the subject “Brownbear”. It did receive messages titled, “Brownbear” and “Brownbear on vacation”, but did not receive the message I titled with “Brownbear” but added the word “Anti” to. So, it works as advertised, and will come in very handy for me.

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Have you tried setting the “new” person up in your address book, before going to the filters.

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