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What are some minorly annoying things that people do?

Asked by Berserker (33519points) October 3rd, 2015

Minor little things that people do that annoy you. Things that are harmless, but for some reason still irk you to no end. Things you can’t complain about, otherwise you’d look like a giant Nazi. Well, you can complain about them here!

Little habits, things people say, ticks people have, strange procedures, anything goes. Only rules are, it has to annoy you, and it has to be some small, harmless thing.

What it is it, and what do you find annoying about it? Is it what one specific person does, or something many people do?

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Having to be first at all costs, bug the shit out of me.

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Wearing shoes in my house.when it is clear I do not.
Eating / snacking throughout the day. And still having 3 full meals
Carrying a water bottle while driving or in the mall or… Heck, anywhere other than a desert.

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LOL at the desert. :D

@SQUEEKY2 Lol I see wut j00 did thar.

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Someone opening the microwave without turning it off first.

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Eating noisily and talking with food in their mouths.

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@janbb Yeah. Same here. Just gross. I also hate it when people bang their knives and forks super loud in bowls and plates. It’s like goddamn, settle down.

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Being major slobs at work or at home, or in stores. I can’t believe how the aisles of a store can have pillows and shoes and stuff strewn around the floor and people just walk by.


Spitting in public, so gross.

People that interrupt and one up you.
If you have a headache they have a brain tumur. Seriously…check yourself out! lol

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Death to all who mistreat pillows.

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People who chew with their mouths open (unless they have a cold).

@LuckyGuy I carry a water bottle with me, everywhere I go. :D I like water and I hate it when my mouth or throat gets dry.

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Yep, water for me too, but no bottles, I have my special cuppy that I take with ice water in my car.

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Young people who can’t, like, form, like, a single sentence without, like, using the words “like.” That drives me out of my mind.

People who talk with their mouths full of food.

People who sit at a restaurant table, put their fingers in their mouths, and pick food out of their teeth.

Restaurant servers and bussers who grab plates, and try to clear the table, before everyone’s finished the course. (I don’t let this happen. When a restaurant employee stops by to take things away, I say – quietly and not rudely – “Please wait until we’ve all finished.”)

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People who drop litter especially in beautiful and remote countryside.

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People who push their food onto their forks with their fingers.

People who exaggerate when they tell stories, for example using the word “screaming” when they mean someone just talking loudly.

People who will steer the conversation onto something that happened to their story or issue when you’re discussing something. “That happened to me when I flew from Miami to New York.” blah blah blah.

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I hate litterbugs too.
Teeth scraping on fork.
Understaffed businesses where I have to seek out assistance.
Letting animals put their tongues inside of mouth. GAAAAAK

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They break the first two rules of Fight Club.

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In answering my own question…

People who brush their teeth, and then step out of the bathroom. They’ll just casually walk out of the bathroom while brushing their teeth, and just kind of look at you. It’s like, what the hell makes you think I want to see you brush your teeth? Get your ass back into the bathroom, you fuckin barbarian!

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@jca Haha…I know, the wild exaggerations, count me in on that one!
I know someone who talks about her 20 year career in ” high finance” it was 10 years, TEN, not 20. Recently when she was going on about this again I said ” Oh, so you were 12 when you started working?” She shut right up. lol

Also…drama queens, OMG…it embarrasses me as a women to be around drama queens, gives women a bad name. haha

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Saying “I’m sorry.” When they are not.

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I’m pretty easy to get along with but I turn into a tyrant when people toodle along in the fast lane right next to a car creating a blockade so no one can pass. Makes me fume.
Having worked in customer service for a long time, hearing “No” or “I cant” or “it’s our policy” usually gets me fuming.
Also, being in real estate management for a long time, negative signs like “restricted parking” (just say, parking reserved for our residents and customers) make me crazy too. As a marketing person I want the word YES in their head not no!

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People who smoke in a room or while talking. I just can’t stand the smoke.

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People who eat while talking on the telephone. The microphone in the mouthpiece captures every bite, chew, and swallow. These noises, amplified on the other person’s end, are really disgusting to hear.

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@Judi: That reminds me of one time when I was in Kohl’s buying something. I got to the register and it had no price tag on it. The cashier told me “you have to bring it to the jewelry counter to get a price.” I would have done it without thinking twice, which would have meant getting on line again as I couldn’t expect the line to be held up for that trip. However, I was with a friend who said to the cashier, “No, you have to do it. You work here.” The cashier wasn’t happy but she called for a price. I thought about it, astounded at what I considered my friends chutzpah, but I realized she was right. It’s the cashier’s job to rectify the problem, not the customer’s.

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@jca , that’s exactly what I’m talking about. It makes me steam when I work my ass off to provide great customer service then get treated like a piece of flesh on a conveyor belt and have to pay for it. UGH! I don’t want to give those establishments my money.

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Drives me crazy when people don’t wring out the kitchen sponge and/or leave it in a bowl of dirty water. I don’t want to “clean” my dishes with a disgusting sponge.

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@fluthernutter How about when that same person puts an expensive, wood-handled kitchen knife in that same bowl of water and leaves it there? By the time you find it, the knife is irreparably damaged.

FYI, you can rinse that filthy sponge in running water until it appears clean, wring-out the excess water, and microwave the sponge for 1–½ minutes. Let the sponge cool for a few minutes before you touch it, because it’ll be boiling hot. It’ll be sanitized and safe to use on your dishes.

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@Love_my_doggie Ugh. I hate that too.

I’ll nuke the sponge every once in awhile. But even though I know it’s sanitized, it still doesn’t get that smell out.

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@fluthernutter I know what you mean about that musty, off-smelling funk. When I get that, I clean the sponge with some liquid dishwashing detergent. After a thorough rinsing, add the detergent and squeeze the sponge for maybe 30 seconds, until it’s oozing suds. Rinse-out all the suds before nuking the sponge.

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I put the sponge in the dishwasher.

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Me too, @Judi.

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I put the sponge in the dishwasher too, but when I do one of those empty load washing machine cleans, I will throw it in there.

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I put my sponge, scrubby pad and dish scrub brush in the sink to soak for about 15 minutes with hot water and bleach once a week or so and then use the bleach water to wipe down the tile counters.

Another annoyance when you live with other people, leaving shoes right in front of the door so you trip over them. Gah, drives me nuts.

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