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How many frequently used email addresses do you have and why?

Asked by kevrev (72points) July 17th, 2007 from iPhone

trying to figure out which addresses I need & which ones are just overkill.

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I used to have three--school, personal, and junk mail--but I consolidated a couple months ago and have only one. I haven't regretted that decision at all. Those extra ones were really unnecessary.

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Three: Work, personal, (those both go to the same gmail account), plus one for purchases/registrations.

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5, 1 personal and 4 work and business related.
I also have 3 mailing addresses. one for packages and stability never changes, personal 1 CA and 1 AZ, spend a lot of time both places.
I like ben’s idea of an extra address for purchases and registrations.

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I’ve got one main email address, one for work, two from my domain, and one for junk mail.

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I have 3. One for personal and business, one for things that may give send me spam but I might check anyway, and one I use for sites that I’ll never check the email for and will probably send me copious amounts of spam.

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I have 3. 1 is our main email address that we use only for friends and family. The other 2 are for everything else. We get all the spam at those 2 and our main address seldome gets any.

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