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Good name for a clothing company?

Asked by heysupnm (286points) July 22nd, 2008

-must start with the letter A
-reasonable length
-easy to pronounce and spell

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Apt Cloth

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Can you tell us a little more about the brand of the company? What kind of clothes will you be selling?

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I’m thinking: quality casual chic art tees, trendy, pop culture, minimalist, etc.

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The Con

Sorry, I’m a big Tegan and Sara fan… Check out the album art by EE Storey?

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Must start with the letter A? ^

But why must it start with the letter A??

just curious.

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um where you gone b selling from? N make sure to keep posting I’ would like to c wat u selling

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Start with the letter A? Why the fudge?

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a name starting with A helps because usually companies are listed alphabetically at conventions and in directories. a slight but useful advantage! will be selling online soon.

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How about Alphabetical Advantage? Aardvark Adventures?

I give up. Pick something in your life close to you, or something witty.

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AAAAAAArgh Clothing it is. You’ll sell a bundle!

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Yes!! AAAAAAArgh clothing! ^^
Go for it!

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haha thanks richardhenry
going to sleep now i’ll decide in the morning!

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Affective Wear

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Ancestor-Proof ?

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American apparel

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How bout amor? Or for something darker amor kills
amor is Spanish for love

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Yep, love is like jumping off of a cliff, it can kill u, or leave you disabled (emotionally) for the rest of your life, just a thought. And for the question, I’m with richardhenry :)

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Art Attire
At a Glance

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Armadillo Duds

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Fits all criteria; Armani.

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Anti clothes.

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Some people are suggesting things that already exist. How about doing the unthinkable and expanding your horizons, like thinking of another letter besides “A”?

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