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Can you suggest a name for a landscaping business?

Asked by augustlan (47679points) June 18th, 2010

My husband will be starting a new job in a week, managing a landscaping company. He signed on with the understanding that he’ll work 4 days a week, and will start his own landscaping business (in another town) at the same time. He plans to start small, in his area of expertise (trees and ornamental shrubs) and handle it on his own. However, he will eventually branch out and offer all sorts of landscaping work. He’ll sub-contract the work he can’t do on his own to his employer’s company, thus growing both companies.

Ideally, he’d like to go with something that uses the same initials as his employer’s company, BLS, (so as to create less confusion in customers serviced by both companies) but it’s not strictly necessary. He prefers creative names, but it still needs to get the idea across.

Some names he’s used in the distant past (just to give you some insight into his type of name):

Alluvial Gardens << I told him that one sounded like a cemetary…
Avant Gardener << Loved this one.

I’m going to bed now (yes I know it’s morning :P), but I’ll check in later. Thanks!

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Beautiful Lawns Service.

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Basic Lawn Support (sorry, I work in a medical field and BLS already has a meaning for me).

Bacterial Leaf Scorch (the other existing BLS, but not helpful to his efforts).

BeLeafS . . .

I think I will go back to bed too!

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VI P Landscaping
Snooty Lawn Care. (could be amusing)
Forrest Green Lawn Care or Forrest Green landscaping
Emerald Green Lawn Care (people will maybe invision a very green lawn)
Poopie lawn be Gone!

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What else but:

Best Landscaping Service

May as well toot his own horn a little. (unless that’s already the name of the other co.)

You didn’t tell us what that was so we could avoid it :)

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A-1 Landscaping Service!

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First off, congratulations to you and your hubby @augustlan! May you have lots and lots of success with the new venture, you deserve it!

Second, I happen to love the word verdant and I think it would be great in the name of a landscaping company. If I could only come up with a brilliant way to use it! Maybe some alteration and use the word value along with it? Any ideas anyone?

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Speed the Plough.

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The Grass is Greener Landscaping

@dpworkin Glengarry Green grass?

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Shrubs R Us

Blades of Happiness

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Dandy Lawns.

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A Verdant View
How Green is my Lawn
Gardens of Eden
My Perfect Garden
Lawn Love
Beyond Landscaping
Luv Your Lawn
My Private Oasis
My Private Garden
My Private Eden

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@syz A Verdant View! Brilliant! (IMHO)

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Yes, great way to incorporate verdant without relegating it to the bottom of the pack (for YellowBook listings).

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Lawn Rangers Service!

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Morning Wood Lawn Care

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Le jardin,
The Hanging Gardens…,
“How does your garden grow?”

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Congratulations on your new ‘baby’ best to you.

• A Verdant Green Lawn Service
* Augustlan’s Garden or Lawn Service
• (I loved) Avant Gardening or Avant Garden Lawn Service
* Beautiferous Lawn Service
* Knockout Gardens Lawn Service
* Dream Gardens Lawn Service

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@MissA That last one made me think of DreamScape… too obscure?

Some great ideas, guys! I’m really liking the verdant slant.

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How about August Landscaping? (August Lan dscaping)

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But, do they also work in July?


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But seriously, I would strongly suggest any of those beginning with the letter A or B since you don’t want to be at the bottom of the Yellow Pages listings.

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@Buttonstc is right. That is how I found my heating/ac guy through the yellow pages and I chose the first one, AAA Heating. He turned out to be a great repairman, too.

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Aaron A. Aardvark The Verdant Man

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Inspired Landscape Designs
Gan Eden Landscaping
Your Dream Garden

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beautiful landscaping service

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Trees To Please

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